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Underline the correct item.

1Im sorry, Im not ready to go out. I havent finished doing the washing-up already / yet.

2I dont think Ive ever met her yet / before.

3Hes still / yet got a good memory even though hes almost eighty.

4I used to live here six years before / ago.

5Hes lived in Rome all his life and he yet / still lives there.

6Ive before / already read this book. I dont want to read it again.

7The last time I fed the goldfish was two days before / ago.

8I cant believe Ive been here nearly a year yet / already.

9Im afraid the plumber hasnt arrived still / yet.

10He can still / already speak and hes only one year old.





Choose the correct answer.

1Computers .. more and more efficient.

A are becoming B become C is becoming

2Paul .. to Tina when I saw him.

A is talking B was talking C talks

3Richard .. very hard at the moment.

A is working B works C has worked

4Sam .. to school every day.

A was walking B is walking C walks

5We .. to Austria last winter.

A have gone B went C go

6The bank .. by the time I got there.

A closes B closed C had closed

7Tina .. while Bob was watering the plants.

A cooked B was cooking Chas been cooking

8I .. Italian for three years now.

A learn B am learning C have been learning

9Jason .. Amanda since he was five years old.

Ahas known B knows C have known

10They .. for three hours when they stopped for a rest.

Ahave been driving B had been driving C were driving

11The River Amazon .. into the Atlantic Ocean.

Ais flowing B flows C flowed

12Dad .. to work by the time I woke up.

A is going B has already gone Chad already gone

13Fay .. every day for the last six months.

A exercise B is exercising C has been exercising

14They often .. on holiday abroad when they were single.

A went B go C have gone

15They .. in that house for five years.

A have lived B are living C live

16Mary .. to Singapore at 3:00 tomorrow morning.

A flies B was flying Cis flying

17 Chris .. for an international company.

A working B work C works

18 Our climate .. warmer these days.

A is getting B will get C got

19 Michael .. with his toys since nine oclock.

A has been playing B has played C is playing

20 We .. each other for ten years.

A know B have known C are knowing


Put the verbs in brackets into a correct tense.

1Last summer I1).. (visit) the United States. I 2).. (look forward) to the trip for ages, and I 3) .. (enjoy) myself very much. On the 4th of July a friend 4) .. (suggest) we go and watch the fireworks. I 5) .. (see) fireworks before, but I 6) .. (never / experience) anything like the spectacle we 7) .. (witness) that night.

2Sarah 1) .. (leave) school two years ago and for the last year she 2) .. (look) for a decent job. She 3).. (hope) to find work as a secretary but as she 4) .. (never / do) a secretary course before, I think she 5) .. (have) some difficulty in finding such a job.

3A: Where 1) .. (you / be) lately? The last time I 2) .. (see) you 3).. (be) two years ago.

B: I 4) .. (move) to London 18 months ago. I 5) .. (work) as a nurse there since then.

A: Oh really! How 6) .. (it / go)?

B: Great! I7).. (enjoy) it very much at the moment, although at first it 8) .. (be) very hard.

Correct mistakes.

1Im playing chess since I was eight years old.

2I used to eat at that restaurant three times last week.

3They havent still delivered my television.

4We havent read yet his letter.

5I have met that man a week ago.

6We moved to Glasgow a year before.

7Mike and Kelly got married last week. They had met each other four years ago.

8Ill make the dinner when I will get home.

9Take some food in case you will get hungry.

10Peter still is at school.



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