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The future perfect and the future perfect continuous tenses


Put the verbs in brackets into the future perfect or the future perfect continuous.


1By 3 o’clock, she … (study) … for six hours.

2By the end of next month, Sam ….. (finish) the project.

3He ….. (not/start) painting the kitchen before Tuesday.

4By the time she arrives in Paris, she ….. (travel) for four hours.

5I hope I ….. (buy) my own house by the time I’m thirty-five.

6By Saturday, Lisa ….. (diet) for two weeks.

7Hopefully, they ….. (learn) everything by the time they sit the exam.

8By 4 o’clock, I ….. (sit) in the hairdresser’s for three hours.

9By Christmas, I ….. (work) for this company for eighteen months.

10By next weekend, Brian ….. (move) house.

11Hopefully, the builders ….. (finish) building the house by next month.

12By Tuesday, Alan ….. (sail) for twelve days.

13By tomorrow morning, she ….. (sleep) for twelve hours.


Put the verbs in brackets into the future continuous or the future perfect.


1A: I can’t come shopping on Saturday morning because I ….. (work).

B: That’s a pity.

2A: Don’t phone me later than midnight because I ….. (sleep) then.

B: Shall I give you a call at about 10:30, then?

3A: Come to my house at six o’clock.

B: ….. (you / finish) your homework by then?

4A: Have you made the preparations for the party?

B: Not yet, but I ….. (finish) them by this evening.

5A: ….. (you / go) to James’ party on Saturday night?

B: Yes.

A: Would you mind giving me a lift?

6A: There’s a meeting tomorrow at 4 o’clock.

B: I can’t go if it is that late. I ….. (leave) by then.

Put the verbs in brackets into the future perfect continuous or the future perfect.

1They’ll probably be hungry because they ….. (not / eat)

2I’ll be tired tonight because I ….. all day. (work)

3I ….. the entire committee by the time I leave England. (meet)

4I ….. for seven years when I get my degree. (study)

5We ….. here for six months by the time they find us a new flat. (live)

6I ….. for forty-five years by 2035. (work)

7They ….. in the cold for six hours by the time we pick them up. (stand)

8Another million people ….. unemployed by this time next year. (become)

9She ….. Prime Minister for ten years by next year. (be)

10They ….. for five hours by eight o’clock. (play)

11We ….. for two days by the time we get there. (drive)

12They ….. for twenty-four hours by twelve o’clock tomorrow. (not/eat)

13When they’ve talked to me, the police ….. everybody in the office. (question)

14She ….. a member of the committee for twenty-five years by the time she retires. (be)




Choose the correct answer.


1“What are you thinking about?”

“This time next week, I ….. on the beach.”

A will have sunbathed

B will be sunbathing

C will have been sunbathing

2“Have you finished decorating your house yet?

“No, but I ….. by Friday.”

A will be finishing

B will have been finishing

C will have finished

3“Have you just moved here?

“No. I ….. here for two years next month.”

A will be living

Bwill have been living

C have lived

4“….. to the supermarket today?”

“Yes. Do you want me to get you something?”

A Will you have gone

B Will you have been going

C Will you be going

5“Can you give Steve a message for me?”

“Certainly I ….. him at work, later on today.”

A will be seeing

B will have seen

C will have been seeing

6“You’ve been working hard all day.”

“Yes. At 3 o’clock, I ….. for six hours.”

A will be studying

B will have been studying

Cwill have studied

7“Sarah has gone to the cinema to see that film again.”

“I know. After this time, she ….. it five times!”

A will have seen

B will have been seeing

C will be seeing

8“John has an exam tomorrow, doesn’t he?”

“Yes. In fact , at this time tomorrow, he ….. the exam.”

A will have been sitting

B will be sitting

C has sat

9“Are you typing another report?”

“Yes. By the time I finish this one, I ….. twenty-three reports today!”

A will have been typing

B will have typed

C will be typing

10“Those two people have been dancing all evening.”

“Yes. By 11 o’clock, they ….. for four hours.”

A will have been dancing

Bwill have danced

C will be dancing


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