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Jane is being interviewed by Mrs Carr for a job workingwith young children.

Mrs Carr: Come in Jane, do take a seat. Would you like a coffee?

Jane: Thank you, actually I 1)..... (just) one.

Mrs Carr: Oh good. Now, do you know this area at all ?

Jane: Quite well. My grandparents live just on the outskirts of town so I 2) ..... here for holidays since I was little. Iím staying with them at the moment actually.

Mrs Carr: Oh, thatís nice. And do you have a driving licence?

Jane: Yes. I 3) ..... for four years now.

Mrs Carr: And would you say youíre a careful driver?

Jane: Yes, I think so. At least I 4)..... (never) an accident.

Mrs Carr: Good. Now, could you tell me why you think you would be right for this job?

Jane: Well, I 5) ..... (always) interested in working with small children. And I 6) ..... to get quite a bit of practical experience by taking holiday jobs and so on.

Mrs Carr: How do you think you would cope in an emergency?

Jane: Iím quite a calm person, I think. I 7) ..... a first aid course, too. I got this badge.

Mrs Carr: Oh, yes. Thatís good. Now, this job isnít permanent, as you know. We need someone for about a year. How would that fit with your long-term plans?

Jane: Iíd like to work abroad eventually. But I want some full-time experience first. I 8) ..... a Nursery Teacherís course this year. We finish next week, in fact, and Iíve already got a Child Care certificate.

Mrs Carr: Well, I canít make any promises, but you do sound just the sort of person weíre looking for. When would you be able to start?

Jane: As soon as I finish my Nursery Teacherís course.

Mrs Carr: Excellent. And would you live with your grandparents?

Jane: Well, they live a bit far away. Iíd probably try to get a small flat. I 9)..... in the paper every day, but I 10)..... (not) anything yet.

Mrs Carr: Well, if you get the job, weíll try to help you. Now, would you like to come and meet some of the children?

Jane: Oh, yes.

Mrs Carr: Right, if youíll just follow me then...


Use the words given to complete the sentences. Put the verbs in the present perfect or the present perfect continuous.

1 Johnís terribly upset ..... (he / break) off his engagement to Megan. Apparently ..... (she / see) someone else while ..... (he / be) in Africa.

2Can you translate this note from Stockholm? I understood Swedish when I was a child, but ..... (I / forget) it all .

3Whatís that dent in the side of the car? ..... (you / have) an accident?

4Iím sorry, Johnís not here; ..... (he / go) the dentist. ..... (he / have) trouble with a tooth.

5This cassette recorder is broken. ..... (you / play about) with it?

6Your Italian is very good. ..... (you / study) it long?

7Do you mind if I clear the table? ..... (you / have) enough to eat?

8Iím not surprised ..... (he / fail) that exam. ..... (he / not work) hard recently.

9Oh no! ..... (the children / cook). Look at the state of this kitchen!

10How many times ..... (Wendy / be) late for work this week?

11Iím going to give that cat some food. ..... (it / sit) on the doorstep for hours. Iím sure itís starving.

12..... (I / do) grammar exercises all morning. I deserve a treat for lunch.

13..... (you / not buy) your mother a present? Thatís really mean of you!

14I saw Katie yesterday. .....(she / work) in Australia for the past year. Did you know?

15Now where are my keys? This is the third time ..... (I / lose) them today!

16..... (you / ever / play) chess? You should try it. Iím sure itís the sort of game youíd like.

17Oh do be quiet. ..... (you / grumble) all day!

18..... (your tennis / really / improve)! ..... (you / practise) in secret?

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