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Consultants' findings

The management has asked a group of consultants to study the problems in the IIR Department. Here is the first part of their report.

Pressure from the redundancy process

Since last yean the HR staff have had to make many col'cagues from other departments redundant Some of the HR staff involved 'n thus have suffered great emotional strain.

Further staff cuts

There is a new rumour about possible further ,-edundancies.The unions have said that they will recommend strike action if this happens.


1 ' 5.6 Listen to these interview excerpts witi ■ various staff members. Make notes under the appropriate headings in the second pari of the report

Heavy workloads



Space problems



The new UK Director

5 ............







1 You are members of the group of consultants studying the problems in the HR Department. Work in small groups to discuss these questions.

Which problems do you think are the most serious?

What should the management do to solve the problems?

2 Meet as one group. Work out an action plan to reduce the stress in the HR Department.


As leader of the Stress Management Team, wiite the Recommendations section of a report to GVM's Managing Director outlining your practical suggestions for stress management in the company in both the short and long term.

^ Writing file page 135


After analysing the consultants findings, the Stress Management Team met on 12 September for an extensive discussion The following recommendations were made


4i /SSS?
rhere's no such thing as free lunch, f Anonymous





Corporate entertaining

Vocabulary Eating and drinking

heading Corporate entertainment

Language review Multi-word verbs Skills

' Socialising: greetings and Smalltalk



Case study Organising a conference



Imagine you have to entertain a group of foreign business people. Which of the following activities would you choose? What would you add?

historic sites opera/concerts motor racing tennis

bar/nightclub wine tasting golf restaurant

theatre horse racing football art galleries

Listenir Corporate entertaining
Lionel Prenat
Isabelle Maca.t

Many companies spend a lot of money on corporate entertaining. Do you think the money is well spent? Why or why not?

5.1 Listen to the interview with Lionel Prenat, Assistant Sales Director at the Novotel London West hotel. Then answer these questions.

1 What corporate events does he mention, apart from trade shows? Complete the words.

a)ex_________________ n

b)___ rk__________ s

c)___ m__________ s

d )________________

e)____ G__

2 What is Novotel's top priority? Complete this sentence.

'The most important thing is to make sure we provide the right venue, the

most suitable venue for the........................ for them to.......................

their aim and their......................... '

6.2 Isabelle Macart is Assistant to the General Manager at Novotel London Wes':. Listen to the first part of the interview, and decide whether these statements are true (T) or false (F).

1 The 'Five Senses Experience' is a programme about tasting food from the five continents.

2 It is designed for groups of between five and 90 people.

Starting up

3 It gives people the opportunity to experience how they use their senses in their daily life.

6.3 Listen to the second part of the interview and cross out the words which are not spoken.

the great thing about the 'Five Senses' programme is that it gets most people talking freely, it breaks down cultural barriers and it gives people a memorable shared experience. It can help them to communicate successfully with and work with new colleagues, clients and customers in ways that are much more effective.'

Put the following into a logical order for entertaining in a restaurant.

a) Look at the menu e) Have the main course
b) Ask for the bill (BrE) / check (AmE) f) Have a dessert
c) Book a table (BrE) /   g) Order a starter
  Make a reservation (AmE) h) Have an aperitif
d) Leave a tip      


Put each word in the box next to the appropriate group of adjectives to make word partnerships about restaurants.

atmosphere food location prices restaurant service



4 to serve delicious

tasty local regional exotic

5 to be in a convenient

an ideal

6 to charge reasonable

an elegant a stylish a popular an exclusive
2 fast friendly efficient 3 a cosy a friendly a welcoming




You plan to take a foreign visitor out to dinner. Rank these factors in order of importance when choosing a restaurant.






Then, compare and discuss your ranking in pairs. Use some of the phrases in Exercise to help you.

How would you describe a typical dish from your country to a foreign visitor? Use these phrases to help you.

It's a meat dish /fish dish /rice dish /vegetarian dish /etc. It's a kind of seafood /vegetable /dessert /etc. It's quite spicy /rich /hot /sweet /salty /etc. It tastes a bit like chicken /lamb /etc. It's served with rice /pasta /a salad /etc.

Discuss these questions.

1How important is corporate entertaining

a) in your countrv? b) in your company/organisation?

2Think about business visitors to your country.

What places would you like them to visit?

What events would you recommend?

What other types of entei tainment could you offer?

Which of the following events and activities would business people from your country enjoy most?

1a Premier League or World Cup 4 hot-air ballooning football match

2the Wimbledon tennis tournament 5 staying at a health spa

3destroying a car with a tank 6 flying a jet fighter

Corporate entertainment

Read the article below. Tick (✓) all the activities in Exercise which are mentioned.



Corporate thrills reach new highs



Entertaining is no longer about cocktails and canapes - instead, it's toys and tanks.

London firms are now taking their 5 favourite clienis on driving lessons. The only difference is, it involves a tank, as well as target practice using the vehicle's guns. The v/inner of the day's contest gets a chance to run over a car wit! 1 the 10 tank.

'A lot of traditional corporate hospitality events like racing at Ascot and tennis at Wimbledon have been around for so long, and so many companies have 15 actually done these things,' says Rachel Elnaugh, an entrepreneur. 'But every year they have the same clients they need to enterta.n, so they have to come up with new and excifng ideas 20 Another event aimed at thrilling clients involves flying a jet fighter, reminiscent of the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise But catching the imagination of corporate customers is expansive. 25 Entertaining at events like the Henley Regatta near London cjsts $500 a day,

while a corporate hospitality seat at the Wimbied^n tennis tournament can set you back 52,000.

30 The budgets are huge. But it is much more cost-effective to keep that customer than to try and find new ones,' Elnaugh says A day in a tank costs "1400 a head,

35 while a 30-minute flight in a jet adds up to $1,000, If you want something more authentic, a ride in a MIG-29 jet fighter in Russia will set you back $18,000.

'Entertainment firms are always .ooking 40 out for new ideas, and increasingly they are actually creatino event; in response to what is in the media and what is oopular,' Elnaugh says. Corporat'ons are now able to offer trips 45 up Eve ret or treks across Antarctica for their clients.

They try to offer a once-in-a-lifetime expenence their clients are unlikely to forget, but hot-air ballooning and visits 5u to health spas are still more usual

From httpV/www.cnn.com



Work in pairs. Complete three questions about the text above

Student A: Turn to page 137. Student B: Turn to page 143.

Complete these sentences with words from the article.

1Companies have to come....................... new and exciting ideas.

2In Russia, a ride in a jet fighter will............. you.............. $18,000.

3Entertainment firms are always looking....................... new ideas.

A multi-word verb is a verb and one or two particles (prepositions or adverbs).

It is sometimes possible to guess the general meaning of multi-word verbs from the context.

August is too early for our conference. Let's put it off until October. (= to delay to arrange to do something at a later date)

However, sometimes the meaning is difficult or impossible to guess.

Language review Multi-word verbs

I turned down their offer. ( = to refuse) page 123



l>6.4Two colleagues, Ana and Ben, are talking about their company's programme for some Taiwanese visitors. Listen to excerpts from their conversation and answer these questions.

1 Why did Alice have to change the hotel reservation?

2 What would the visitors like to do before they leave7

3 What happened two years ago?

Complete the conversation with Ben's replies (a-h) below.

1 'Alice is looking after our guests from Taiwan.'

?)... Sbt.bm. Mi . . .of. miacs* ............

2 'She had to change the hotel booking because several extra visitors turned up.'

3 'Our Sales Manager is taking them out tonight.'

4 'And they all want to look around the city before they go.'

5 'I certainly look forward to meeting their new Chief Executive.'

6 'I hope all staff can feme part in the visitor programme.'

7 'Thev want us to visit them next year. We said we'd like to take up their invitation.'

8 'It was a shame to turn down their invitation to their sales conference two years ago.'

a)'Do they really? It's a pity there aren't many pi aces to visit'

b)'I agree. It was a mistake to refuse.'

c)'I know. She told me three more people arrived unexpectedly.'

d)'Jeff has always loved socialising. I'm sure he'll entertain them very well.'

e) -'Sltirlsvts t3kt!t~Ciifi: of tsttors, doesn't si re?1-

f)'So do I. It would be great if all of us got involved in it.'

g)'That's really kind. Of course we've got to accept.'

h)'Well, I think we re all really excited that we're going to meet her at last.'

, (5.4 Listen again to check your answers. Then practise the conversation excerpts in pairs.

Look at all the verbs initalics in the conversation in Exercise B. Study how the verbs Ben uses can help you understand the multi-word verbs used by Ana.

Socialising: greetings and small talk

*k %  
^B 1 1 L J > i. - . jmL J
  ■ ^Hi 1 j
  m? '


What do you say to a business contact when:

1 you introduce you'selP

2 you introduce another person?

3 you are introduced to another person?

Listen to five conversations at a conference Match up the speakers in each conversation. Then decide whether they know each other

Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Do they know each other?
1 Liz a) Linda Eriksson  
2 James b) Jurgen  
3 Julia \ c) Lisa  
4 John ^ d) Jane Yes
5 Carla e) Sam Clarke  


6.5 Try to complete conversations 2 and 4 below. Then listen again and check your answers.

Conversation 2

A James......... hdYP....... you........................ 'Sam Clarke?

No. Hello, Sam......................... to meet........................ 2.1 think we both

...................... 3 Bill Carlton. I used to........................ 4 with him in Spain.

Oh, yes... Bill. He's in Moscow now.

Really? I didn't know that........................ him my........................ 5 next

time you see him.

Yes, I will.

Conversation 4

A Hi, I'm John.

Hello, John........................ 6 to meet you. I'm Lisa from the Munich office.

A Oh, Munich. I've never been, but I....................... 7 it's a........................ 8

city, vsiy lively.

Yes, it is. It's great. You should come. The conference is going to be there next year.

A I'd....................... s to. I'll look....................... 10 to it.

Look at the expressions below. Which are said by a) a host? b) a guest?

Label each expression either H (for host) or G (for guest),

1 Can I get you a drink? H

2 Yes, it's just down there on the left.

3 It all looks good. What do you recommend?

4 Would you like me to show you round?

5 Help yourself to some food.

6 Yes, please. I'll have a white wine.

7 Can I give you a lift to the airport?

8 Yes, I'd love to see some of the sights.

9 Could you tell me where the toilet is, please?

10 It's very kind of you to offer, but there's a taxi coming for me at 11.00.

Requests Could I use your phone, please? Do you mind if I tal e one of your brochures? Offers Can I give you one of my cards? Would you like to have dinner with lis tomorrow night?

Match the sentences from Exercise D in logical pairs. Fci example,

Can I get you a drink? (1)

Yes, please. I'll have a white wine. (6)

Useful language

Introducing people

Jurgen, this is Lisa. Anita, do vou know Dr Olatson? Have vou met Nigel? Peter, I'd like you to meet Steve Jones.

Making small talk

'How's business?' 'We're having

a great year.' 'How are things?' 'It's reallv busy at the moment.'


Pleased to meet yoi Nice to meet you. Good to see you again.

Work in pairs. Role-play the conversation below.

You are at a conference. You recognise someone you met at a conference two years ago. Introduce yourself and make small talk. Use yuur role card to prepare for the conversation.

Participant A

You met two years ago at a conference on Customer Care in Frankfurt.

You own a small firm which sells office equipment.

It's your first day at the conference - you arrived late last night.

You haven't seen the city yet.

You are staying at the Grand Hotel in the city centre (a good choice: room service and the facilities are excellent).

You are leaving in three days' time.

You think the conference will be very interesting.


VMl, an international financial servic es company based in Valencia, Spain, is holding its first international conference later this year. The Chief Executive, senior managers at head office and about fifty managers from its overseas subsidiaries and sales offices will attend. The aims of the conference, in order of priority, are:

to allow managers to get to know each other and become a stronger international team.

to thank managers for their hard work.

to discuss how the company can improve its products and services.

The conference will take place in July. Participants arrive on Friday evening and leave on Monday morning. The budget is $2,000 per participant.

This is an important event and the Marketing Department must plan it carefully.


i[~j)6.6 Listen to two colleagues in the Marketing Department discussing the planning of the conference. Make notes about the four features the conference venue must have.

Organising a conference

Conference venue specifications

You are members ofVMI's Marketing Department.

1 Work in small groups. Discuss which hotel best meets the requirements of the conference.

2 Me et as one gruup and listen to each other's ideas.

As Chief Executive of \TvII, write an e-mail inviting the overseas sales managers to attend this year's onference. Inform them of the dates, the purpose of the conference and the details of the location.

Writing file page 133




This confrtnc - Message

^Send 3^ ffi ^ # Insert File.. % Priority [24] ^Options..



The marketing team sent out a questionnaire to find out what type of venue the participants preferred. They have selected four to choose from. All prices include the cost of flight

Preferred location

4 ffl- 16 !

(fell Sale? Managers

3 {Chief £xacutiva,VMI

Subject: jlhi - yaar's conferenca





Long Beach Hotel, Casablanca, Morocco

Seabide location 5-star hote:

Two large conference rooms but no seminln rooms Large sw.mm.ng pool, sauna, tropical garden, shops and n.ghtcluo

Price. $ i ,500 participant including meals and all entertainment at the hotel (it is a one-hour dr ive to the town)

Advantage: Very attractive beach Disadvantage: Few cultural attractions

2 Hotel Moda, Prague, Czech Republic

4-star hotel

One conference room and two seminar rooms

Spacious bedrooms Large swimming pool (open to the public) sauna Jar.uz2' hairdressing salon, satellite TV

Price. $Q50 per participant including meals and two guided tours

Advantage Low cost means more money for Cultural tours, sightseeing, *Lhe opera, etc.

Disadvantages' Half an hour by underground to the citv centre. Heavly booked ir summer

3 Hotel Matong,Tiomans Malaysia

(an island off the east coast)

5-star hotel

Wide choice of large and small conference rooms

Spauous grounds \ /ith tropical gardens

Golf course, tennis courts and football pitch

Price: $ 1,350 per participant, including meals

Advantages: Beautiful island selling - peaceful and quiet

Disadvantage: Noi */ery accessible


J lexrision

Great ideas

Match the verbs (1-6) with the nouns that they go with. Then complete each sentence belcw (a-f) with the correct form of one of these verb/noun combinations.

a breakthrough a gap a market a need a range an award
to win to make to fill to extend to enter to meet



a)Azra......... the sport and leisure......... two years ago with high-quality trainers

costing just 50.

Past simple and past continuous

b)If you listen carefully to the markets, your products are more likely to.... a real

c)Last year, Julia Vyman, a young entrepreneur from Melbourne..... for her


d)Our company has begun to....... its.......... of products in the hope of increasing


e)Pharmaceutical companies are hoping to...... a major.......... in the search for

effective cancer drugs.

f)Their new hand-held computer is not just an exciting product - it really..... in the


Complete this text with the correct past simple or past continuous form of the verbs given.

Julia Wyman now lives in Australia, but she was born in the Philippines. Her parents,

who are both engineers...................... [25] (supervise) the construction of a power

station there at the time. In the 1980s, they.................... [26] (move) to Canada

While she....................... [27] (study) business administration at the Toronto College of

Economics, Julia...................... [28] (have) her first great idea. She..................... [29]

(create) a system that would enable companies to get better, more useful feedback

from their customers. Two years later, she................... [30] (do) research into types of

company organisation when another interesting idea................... 7 (come) to her.

She....................... 8 (modify) the traditional, hierarchical company structure in a way

that....................... 9 i.improve) the how of communication and................... 10

(giveD employees greater autonomy.

Dayton & Cooper soon..................... 11 (hire) her as a consultant, and later

...................... 12 (offer) her a post in Melbourne, where they.................... 13 (sef

Past simple and present perfect

up) their new headquarters.



(earn) a lot more money in her previous job, but she finds



her new one more relaxing.



8Peter 9Why.

offei) to work overtime before I asked him.

(complain) about the workload? That's



why you lost your job!

10 You'll have to excuse the boss. He recently.

Read the letter below and supply suitable bits of information (1-4) to complete it. Then write the missing paragraph, explaining why you are leaving th e company. Include these points:

Say how long you have been under stress

Give three reasons why the stress is so extreme

(be) under a lot of stress

Say you saw a stress counsellor, and what advice she gave you.



12 Boulevard Jean Jaures 69623 Villeurbanne

CTS International FAO Mrs Belmaker Head of Human Resources 3 Place Penault 64025 Lyon

I am sorry to have to nform you that, after careful consideration. I wish to hand in my resignation.

My first two years at CTS were exciting and very motivating. Like the other people in my team, I always gave the best of myself, while I also felt that I was learning a lot. My superiors were easy to talk to, and there was always someone to listen 10 you.

However the takeover by Southbuty changcd everything.

Although the normal period of notice is three months, 1 was wondering if you could possibly let me leave in two weeks' time. If this is not convenient, I could work on a part time basis until m> contract officially ends.

M. firugdl

Momque Brugai



Complete these sentences with the missing words. Then write the words in the grid below.

1If Mr ixlakamura is vour guest, then you are Mr Nakamura's ..

2'What would you like for your main....................... fish or chicken?'

3'Can I give you a...................... to the airport?'

4'I'd like to book a...................... for three for 19.30 tomorrow evening.'

5'Do you....................... if I take one of your brochures?'

60 I

6'That was a wonderful dinner, thank you. The food here is so.................. I'


Now work out the hidden word in the shaded boxes and use it to complete this sentence.


After you have been somebody's guest, you usually write to thank them for their

Read this article, then choose the best sentences (a-f) to complete the gaps (1-4). Note that you will need only four of the six sentences given.

Drugs companies to cut down gifts for doctors

by Andrew Jack

The pharmaceutical indus- 25 to office use, and its value

try across the whole restricted to ten euros.

European continent now ............................................ 2

has to follow a tough new The code also places

[1] code of practice. tight limits on the

Drugs companies will 30 widespread practice of

have to limit the entertain- companies funding doc-

ment they provide to tors' travel to scientific

doctors. This follows accu- conferences in order to gain

[1] sations that companies credibility for their

entertain doctors in order 35 products............................................ ^

to influence prescribing in addition, payment for

patterns. spouses is no longer

.......................... 1 It puts a allowed.

[1] strict limit on hospitality There will be sanctions

and gifts that can be offered 40 and annual audits to ensure

to doctors or other drug everybody follows the code,

prescribers. Some countries, inc-

For example, pharmaceu- luding Sweden, the UK,

[1] tical companies are no Prance and Spain, have

longer allowed to offer 45 already brought in tough

healthcare professionals industry codes of practice.

personal gifts. Any gift .............................................. 4

offered should be relevant


a)It is sometimes difficult to refuse a gift without causing offence.

b)Drug companies are now allowed to pay only economy air fares for doctors when travel is justified.

c)However, a few other EU countries may have to change their culture to meet the demands of the new proposals.

d)In reality, they do not even know that this code of practice exists.

e)Invitations to sporting or other leisure events are no longer allowed, either.

f)The code tries to respond to such criticism.

□ Vocabulary Word partnerships □ Listening Successful marketing □ Reading Selling dreams □ Language review Questions □ Skills Telephoning: exchanging information □ Case study Kristal Water




Business has only two functions - marketing ana innovation. }

Starting up
1 Product 2 Price 3 Promotion 4 Place

Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005), Austrian management expert

Q'The tour Ps' form the basis of themarketing mix. If you want to market a product successfully, you need to get this mix right. Match the 'Ps' (1-4) to the definitions (a-d).

a)the cost to the buyer of goods or services

b)informing customers about products and persuading them to buy them

c)where goods or services are available

^^ Vocabulary file page ] 58

d)goods or services that are sold

71 Listen to four consumers talking about different products. Decide which of the four Ps each speaker is discussing: product, price, promotion or place.

{SIThink of some products you have bought recently. Why did you buy them? Which of the four Ps influenced your decision to buy?

Tell your partner about a marketing campaign that impressed you

For each group of words (1-5):

a) fill in the missing vowels.

Vocabulary Word partnerships

b) match the words to the definitions (a-c).



1 market r _£S£clrch-- s _ gm _ nt sh_re a) the percentage of sales a company has b) information about what customers want and need c) a group of customers of similar age, income level and social group
2 consumer b_h_v___ r pr_f_l_ g ds a) description of a typical customer b) where and how people buy things c) things people buy for their own use
3 product I__ nch l_f_ cycl_ r_ng_ a) introduction of a product to the market b) length of time people continue to buy a product c) set of products made by a company
4 sales f_r_c_st f_g_r_s t_rg_t a) how much a company wants to sell in a period b) how much a company thinks it will sell in a period c) numbers showing how much a company has sold in a period
5 advertising c_mp__gn b_dg_t _g_ncy a) a business which advises companies on advertising ana makes ads b) an amount of money available for advertising during a particular period c) a programme of advertising activities over a period, with particular aims


QChoose: a well-known brand for each of these categories.

cars M&rce-des

newspapers and magazines



Give typical consumei profiles for each brand. Include the following:




income fevel

other products the consumer might buy

^ Vocabulary file page 158

QWhat sort of advertising campaign could you have in your country for each of the brands you chose in Exercise B? How else could you try to incease the sale of each brand?

7.2 Listen to the first part or an interview with Jonathan Turner, Managing Consultant at Oxford Strategic Marketing, and complete the notes.

Keys to successful marketing

have a passionate curiosity for the ..fU&tpwcr,...1

get a deep understanding of their...................... 2 and their

analyse all the business....................... 4 and market

...................... 5 constantly

have a strong business...................... 6

have an instinctive understanding of how..................... 7

QWork in small groups. Discuss in what ways the following points also contribute to successful marketing.

an awareness of the company's strengths and weaknesses

an understanding of the opportunities and threats the company faces

good communication skills

a good, creative campaign

Which one do you think Jonathan will mention nexi?

0 7.3 Now listen to the second part of the interview and see if you were right. Do you agree with Jonathan?

(!)7,4 Listen to the last part of the interview and answe* these questions.

1 What kind of company is Oxford Strategic Marketing working for at the moment?

2 How does the technique called 'market segmentation' work?

3 What did Oxford Strategic Marketing do for tneir client?

4 What was surprising about the results of the research?

QDiscuss these questions in pairs.

1 Which celebrities from your country have appeared in advertisements? What kind of products do they endorse?

Successful marketing
▲ Jonathan Turner
Reading Selling dreams

2 Which world-famous film stars ana sportspeople have appeared in advertisements? In your opinion, which of those ads was the most effective?

0Before you read the article, match these questions (i-6) with their possible answers (a-f).
When was Chanel No 5 created? a) Because advertising budgets
Who is Marianne Etchebarne?   are getting larger.
How much did the film cost? b) It's a thriller.
What kind of film is it? c) She is Chanel's artistic director.
Why are brands looking at new ways d) She says it is a pure
  of connecting with consumers?   commercial.
What does Ms Etchebarne think of the e) Eighty million pounds.
  film? f) In 1912.

by Vanessa Friedman

QRead the article and correct the answers (a-f) in Exercise B. They are all wrong.

No 5: The film



Chanel No 5 has ben the number-one fragrance in thn world almost continu- 30 ously since its creation in 5 1921, an extraordinary achievement in an industry that sees an average of almost 300 perfumes 35 launched every year, and 10 where the average shelf life for a fragrance is only two or three years.

In sume markets, howev- 40 er, Chanel No 5 slipped In 15 order to regain the top spot and attract a new generation of perfume wearers. Chanei launched a new 45 ad Campaign which centres 20 on a 'commercial' directed by Moulin Rvuge director Baz Luhrmann, starring Nicole Kidman, and lasting 50 <Qmost tore a minutes. 25 The short 'film' is a fairytale romance. It tells the story of the most famous

woman in the world (.Kidman), who fiecs a horde of paparazzi and jumps into a taxi where he meets a young writer (Brazilian star Rodrigo Santoro). He does not know who she is, and they share a romantic weekend in his garret before she returns to her responsibilities and the outside world.

Although there is a largo Chanel double illuminated in lights outside the garret, Chanel No 5 is not actually featured in the tilm, being present only in the final shot in the form of a diamond pendant in the shape of a No 5. 'I think people get into the story and wan+ to live it,' says Marianne Etchebarne, international mai keting director of Chanel fra grances. 'It is a commercial

55 that is a r^al piece of art No 5 is the ultimate luxury brand of the market, and this new campaign will be the strongest to date in 60 term& of making all women dr^am about No 5.'

Chanel £18 million ad is just a particularly dramatic example of a trend 65 toward alternative marketing. Carolyn Carter, president and chief executive of Grey Global Group, says: 'Every target group is 70 becrmmg more resistant to the traditional advertising methods, so brands have to look at different ways to move people. Therefore 75 there is a shift towards other strategies like product placement in films, direct marketing and sponsorship.'




ijjDiscuss these questions.

1Imagine you want to promote a brand. Which of these strategies would you most like to use and why?

a)celebrity endorsement

b)product placement in films

c)direct marketing


2Are there any advertisements or commercials that you regard as 'art'? Why?


In questions which we can answer with either yes or no we put an auxiliary verb before the subject.

'Doyou like the marketing plan?' 'Yes, it's very comprehensive.'

'Is the price going up next year?' 'No, it's high enov.gh.'

Have they agreed to the credit terms?' 'Well, they're thinking about them '

To ask for more information we use question words like what, why, where, when and how. We put the question wurd before the auxiliary verb. When are they planning to launch?

Language review Questions

How should we promote it? page 124



Correct the grammatical mistakes in these sentences.

1 What means market niche? doM maPttt bidn& ?

2 How much it cost?

3 Why you don't sell it?

4 When it must be finished?

5 Did you went to the fair last week?

6 Is coming your boss tomorrow?

The letter below is part of an authentic consumer survey on wines.

1 Write the words in the questions in the correct order. For example, iWhich group do you belong to?

2 Answe~ the questions.

Dear Mr Paz Andrade

We are conducting a consumer survey on international wines. We place great value on youi personal opinion and, therefore, request your support.

1 group you do belong to which? self-emp'oyeo □ employed □ retired □
2 you old how are? under 30 years □ 30-50 years □ over 50 years I
3 wnich do you prefer wines? white wine □ red wine □ rose wine □
4 how do you drink often wine? seldom □ occasionally □ once a week □ ofter □
5 do you spend usually how much of wine on a bottle? up to £5 E5-E7.50 □ more than £7.50 □
do have you a cellar at personal wine home? no yes: □ sma'l 'arge
7 manv bottles of wine how you have selected during the last year? fewer than 3f bottles □ more than 36 bottles □
8 you know do wire growing areas which? Chianti □ Nahe □ South Australia RheinhessenBurgundy □ Bordeaux □ Rioja
9 when selecting wine, you do the various growing areas take into account? yes, □ no Q occasionally □
10 taste which you prefer do? white /ine [ ] red wine □ dry medium dry sweet □

QWork in pairs. Ask each other the questions. (If your partner doesn't drink wine, ask questions about another drink.)

QWork in groups. Think of a product and prepare a consumer survey for it. Then form new groups. Use your consumer surveys to find out aoout each other's buying habits.

Q 7.5 Listen to four people giving their telephone numbers. Tick the correct numbers.

i 244252 2 881990 3 020 8045 1930 4 0033 2399 0324

(T)Write down some telephone numbers you know. Dictate them to a partner. Check that your partner has written the numbers correctly.

Q 7.6 Work in pairs. Say the alphabet in English. Check each other's pronunciation Then listen to the recording of the alphabet

QChoose an address and dictate it to your partner. Spell each word when vou dictate. Check that your partner has written the information correctly.

Q 7.7 Listen to the first part of a conversation between a Sales Director, Martin, and his Sales Manager, Fiona. Answer these questions.

1 Did they meet their 3 What were their total sales? sales targets ^ How much did they spend


2 How has their market share on shampoo advertising? changed?

8 Now listen to the second part and complete the chart.

1 Customer's name

2 Nationality

3 Telephone number

Skills Telephoning: exchanging information

4 Meeting day and date



0 7.7,7.8 Listen to the conversation again. Tick the phrases in the Useful

1 anguage box Martin uses to check Information, to ask for information and to end the conversation.

Useful language

Checking information

Sorry, did you say...? Sorry, I didn't catch that. Could you repeat that, please? Let me read that back to you

Asking for information

Finishing a conversation OK, that's it. Thanks very much That was ve.y helpfu1 I must go now. I think that's everything.

Could you give me a few details? What about the new range? Did she say when she'd like to meet?



Role-play this situation. One of you is the Marketing Directoi of a sunglasses manufacturer. The other is the European Sales Manager. Role-play a telephone call to talk about a focus group for the company's new range of sunglasses.

Vocabulary file page 160

Marketing Director: Turn to page 138. Sales Manager: Turn to page 142.



Kristal is a oottled water, manufactured by a US company, Hamilton Food and Drink Products (HI I)P). According to HI DP, it comes from a spring deep under the rocks in \laska, US. It is advertise! as the purest wa*er in the world. It has few minerals, and nothing is added to the water to change its taste. The water is targeted at people who want to have a healthy lifestyle.

The launch

Kristal Mas launched last year in California- US. It was advertised in health magazines with the slogan 'There is no purer drink in the world.' It ife sold in clear glass be ttles, in 1-litre sizes. Its price is $3 which is higher than most competing brands. The brand name KrLtal is printed in large black letters on the label, with a picture of a waterfall. The water is available in delicatessens and health food shops.

After ix months, it was clear that the product launch was a failure. Sales were 60% below forecast, and very few people knew that there was a new bottled water product named Kristal.

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