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Test 24. Mixed tenses: write the verbs in brackets in the correct form.


1. He (spend) last summer in the country.

2. What your brother (do) now?

3. He (not write) à composition by next Monday.

4. My sister (wash) the dishes every morning.

5. You (go) to the south next summer?

6. When I (ring) Mike up yesterday, he still (learn) à poem.

7. If you (not help) me, I (not do) this work by 5 o’clock tomorrow.

8. Yesterday he (go) for à walk only when he (do) his homework.

9. I (not go) to the cinema tomorrow, I (watch) TV the whole evening.

10. When I came to the station, the train already (leave).

11. We (not grow) tomatoes next summer.

12. You ever (be) to Piccadilly Circus?

13. What you (buy) at the shop yesterday?

14. If it (not rain) tomorrow, we (not stay) at home.

15. When he (come) tomorrow, I still (do) my homework.

16. Look! My friends (play) football.

17. He (not read) Turgenev since he was à pupil.

18. You (write) this letter by the time she (come) tomorrow?

19. ‘Lena usually (do) her homework at school?’ ‘No, she _______.’

20. What you (do) at 6 o’clock yesterday?


Test 25. Mixed tenses: write the verbs in brackets in the correct form.


1. I (not play) chess tomorrow.

2. He ever (be) to London?

3. Where you (go) now?

4. We (travel) around Europe last year.

5. If he (not see) her tomorrow, he (leave) her à note.

6. She usually (read) in the evening.

7. What you (do) at 6 o’clock tomorrow?

8. Yesterday I (find) the book which I (lose) in summer.

9. What your brother (do) every day?

10. When he (arrive) tomorrow, I still (sleep).

11. Listen! Somebody (play) the piano in the next room.

12. Where you (go) last summer?

13. He (not meet) Peter since they were pupils.

14. How many pages you (read) by 5 o’clock tomorrow?

15. When I left home, the snow already (stop).

16. What Nick (do) when you (ring) him up yesterday?

17. If he (not help) me, I (not write) à composition by next Monday.

18. I (not go) to the cinema yesterday, I (watch) TV the whole evening.

19. He (not do) his homework yet.

20. What you (buy) at the shop tomorrow?


Test 26. Mixed tenses. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.


À funny thing happened to me the other day. I (1)(be) in à hurry to get to work and I found that my car wasn’t working. I (2)(have) to rush out of the house to catch the bus. While I (3)(walk) along the street, I (4)(notice) à woman of about my age on the opposite side of the road. I looked at her again and I (5)(realize) that we (6)(meet) before. She arrived at the bus stop à couple of seconds after me. ‘She must be catching the bus, too,’ I thought. We (7)(just miss) the previous bus and we had fifteen minutes to wait before the next one. I looked at the woman behind me again and I was sure that I (8)(know) her.

‘Excuse me, have we met before? I’m sure that I (9)(recognize) you,’ I said. She looked à bit surprised, but she (10)(tell) me that her name was Angela Barker.

‘You (11)(study) history at Liverpool University from 1985 to 1988!’ I shouted.

‘That’s right!" she replied, ‘And you’re Claire….?’

‘Lewis. Well, my name was Lewis but I (12)(be) married now. What you (13)(do) nowadays?’ I asked.

‘Well, I (14)(work) in the Central Museum in town and I (15)(live) in this area, in George Street, for about three years,’ she replied.

‘You’re joking! I (16) (not believe) you. I live round the corner from there. We (17)(be) neighbours for three years and we (18)(never see) each other!’ I said.

‘I know, it’s incredible!’ she (19)(agree), ‘And I’m glad that you spoke to me because I wondered why you (20)(look) at me all the time!’


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