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Questions to ask in a Grocery Store

Shop Smart

Grocery stores are set up for you to buy more than you need. Fresh foods and staples are usually placed in the outside aisles or at the far end of a grocery store. At the front you will find convenience foods and sale items. At the checkout you will find things you probably donít need, such as chocolate bars and magazines. The store is counting on you to throw a few of these items into your cart or basket. This is called impulse shopping. Can you resist the temptation?


Gathering and packing

Most grocery stores offer a variety of options for gathering and packing items. Donít be surprised if you have to buy your bags.

  • shopping cart: pushcart on wheels (you may have to put a coin deposit in the slot)
  • basket: plastic container with handles; useful for quick grocery trips when you only need a few items
  • box:sometimes available for free at the checkout
  • plastic or paper bags: you may have to pay for these
  • reusable bags: bring your own (or buy and reuse)

Main Aisles and Sections

Here are the main aisles (or sections) in a grocery store as well as some example items you will find in them.

produce:fresh fruit and vegetables
frozen food: juice, pizzas, fruit and vegetables
bulk food:peanuts, candy, flour, snacks (You bag yourself. You choose the amount.)
baking: pre-packaged goods such as flour, sugar, salt, and chocolate chips.
breads:packaged breads, bagels, hamburger and hot dog buns
meat and seafood: packaged beef, chicken, fish
deli:freshly sliced meats and cheeses (You tell the butcher how much you want.)
bakery: fresh breads, muffins, cakes to order
dairy:milk, eggs, dairy, yogurt
pasta and rice:spaghetti, penne, wild rice, whole wheat pasta
ethnic foods:foods from countries in other parts of the world
canned foods: beans, pasta sauce, canned fruit and vegetables
condiments: ketchup, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, oil
snacks:chips, packaged candy, cookies, crackers
cereal:boxed breakfast cereals and bars, oats, granola.
beverages:juice, pop, coffee, tea,
household items: toilet paper, tissue paper, garbage bags, detergent, diapers
health and beauty and or pharmacy: make up, deodorant, feminine products, medicine


Read the signs above you before you get into a line.

  • express checkout:For people buying a few items. The sign will show how many items you are allowed to have (1-12).
  • automatic checkout: You swipe and bag your own groceries and pay with a credit or debit card.
  • closed: Many stores use a lighting system to show which line ups are open for service. If the light is on the aisle is likely open.

1 Supermarket trolley

2: Bread and cakes shelves

3: Small plastic bags for fruit and vegetables

4: Meat

5: Butcher

6: Drinks

7: House hold items

8: Paper towels

9: Grocery items in trolley

10: aisle

11: Stack of tinned food

12: Price of grocery item

13: customer buying fish

14: Fishmonger

15: Dairy products

16: Frozen food

17: Man in mobility scooter and queue of people

18: Express checkout (basket and 10 items or less only)

19: Cash register or till 20: Checkout assistant

21: Plastic carrier bags

22: Shopping basket full of groceries

23: Shopper leaving with carrier bags full of groceries

1 aisle
2 shopper/customer
3 shopping basket
4 checkout line
5 checkout counter
6 conveyor belt
7 cash register
8 shopping cart
9 (chewing) gum
10 candy
11 coupons
12 cashier
13 paper bag
14 bagger/packer
15 express checkout (line)
16 tabloid (newspaper)
17 magazine
18 scanner
19 plastic bag
20 produce
21 manager
22 clerk
23 scale
24 can-return machine
25 bottle-return machine

Questions to ask in a Grocery Store

You donít always need to ask someone who works in the store. The shopper next to you may be able to tell you where to find the sugar.

  • Can you tell me where the produce section is?
  • Can you do a price check for me?
  • Do you have prepackaged candy?
  • Do you have more flour in the back? (if a shelf is empty)
  • Is this on sale?
  • Do you sell stamps, lottery tickets, alcohol? (grocery stores in some countries are not licensed to sell alcohol)

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