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IV. Topic for discussion.

Health and Medical Care.

Why is health physical and mental a very important aspect of our life?

In which way can we preserve our health?

Does technical progress improve our health or not?

Speak on Ecologikal situation over the world (air pollution, water pollution and soon...).

How often do you visit a doctor?

Do you always go to the policlinic for a general check up?

Examination card Ļ16

I Translate the article in written form (from English into Russian).

II. Translate the article orally.

III. Grammar card.

Speak about Countable and Uncountable nouns, Compound nouns and the Singular/Plural verb forms.


1. Fill the gaps with a, an, or some where necessary.

1) They booked ...a... room in advance
They booked ...some... accommodation in advance

2) The band played ...a... lovely song.
The band played ...some... lovely music.

3) We had ...a... heatwave last week.
We had ...some... hot weather last week.

4) I canít do this job alone. I need ...an... assistant.
I canít do this job alone. I need ...some... help.


2. Underline the correct word.

1) Iíve got two pounds. Iím going to buy a CD.
Two pounds is/are not enough to buy a CD

2) The classroom was empty when I walked past.
Yes. The class was/were all on a school outing.

3) Have you just cleaned the stairs?
Yes, so be careful. They is/are very slippery.

4) Did you ask John to fix your car?
Yes. His advice was/were that I take it to a garage.


3. Finish the sentences.

1) We called police immediately.
The police ...were called immediately...

2) I told them some exciting news.
The news ...I told them was exiting...

3) He was irritated because of the bad traffic.
He was irritated because the ...traffic was bad...

4) I stayed in very luxurious accommodation.
The accommodation ...I stayed in was very luxurious...

IV. Topic for discussion.

Wonders of the Modern World.

(computers, space travel, medical science, ...).

Which machines or inventions are important in your life?

(a telephone, a car, T.V., a plane and so on).

Examination card Ļ17

I Translate the article in written form (from English into Russian).

II. Translate the article orally.

III. Grammar card.

Speak about the role of suffixes and prefixes in the word formation.


1. Add the correct prefixes to the words in bold.

1) Kate is now doing a ...post... graduate degree.

2) Mr Bell is an ...ex...-teacher. He retired ten years ago.

3) This is an ...inter...national company. It has offices all over the world.

4) Sharon is ...under...weightfor her age and height. She eats very little.


2. Add the correct prefixes to form the opposite of the words.

1) Heís an ...un...interesting person. In fact, heís rather boring.

2) Driving a car without a license is Öil...legal.

3) Iím afraid I ...dis...agree with what you just said.

4) I canít do this puzzle. Itís ...im...possible!


3. Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets.

Sophie can be very

1) careless (care) at times. Although she tries to be.

2) ...helpful... (help) and is always willing to offer her.

3) ...assistance...(assist), more often than not her.

4) ...clumsiness... (clumsy) causes great

5) ...frustration... (frustrate) to her family and friends.

IV. Topic for discussion.

English Food,.

Do you agree that food is a much a part of a countryís culture, itís landscape, language and literature?

Examination card Ļ18

I Translate the article in written form (from English into Russian).

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