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Young voices, old problems

ANDREA, 13, from Finchley, north-west London: My mum let me out on my own when I was about 10 Ė I could go anywhere really, as long as I let her know. I always had to be back by about 7 pm. My mum will slap me across the face if I am rude to her.

KRISTY, aged 17, from York: I think years ago there were so many restrictions and my mum was brought up really badly. Sheís 37 now. She was not allowed to go anywhere or do anything, which is why she got married at 16, just to get away. I go to nightclubs and pubs, even though I shouldnít. My mum likes me to be in by about one oíclock in the morning and she never goes to sleep before I am in. She doesnít say I have to be in by then, but I am.

HANNAH, 14, Golders Green, north-west London: when I was eight I was allowed out on my own as long as it was not far and my parents knew where I was. Normally I was allowed to stay out until dark. My parents have never hit me. If I am naughty they sit me down and explain why I was wrong and ask why I did it.

CLAIRE, 16, from Goole: I am an only child so I am spoilt. I donít really feel I have any restrictions at all. As far as drugs or real drinking is concerned, my mum knows I would never do anything like that anyway. She trusts me and I do not let her down. I will definitely be stricter. I get away with murder but my kids will not.

ALISON, aged 16, from Bath: Iím going out tonight to a club and it will be 3 am before I get in. I have just finished my GCSEs so my parents wonít mind so long as they know Iím catching a taxi home and what time I will be in. I started going to clubs when I was 14. Sometimes I used to get into arguments with my parents about it. Although Iíve been going in pubs since I was 14, I donít drink a lot.

JEREMY, 16, from Glasgow: I think Iíve had a clear sense of whatís right and wrong since I was 10. Iíve been living with an older cousin and his wife for the past year. There are rules, like during the week when thereís school, in bed by 12, no smoking in the flat. I think Iím a lot harder on myself now than I was when I was younger.

Source: Independent on Sunday, 4 August 1991

Exercise 23. Answer the following questions.

1. Who has the strictest parents in your opinion? 2. Do these teenagers have to be home earlier or later than you? 3. Are you allowed to do the same things? 4. Do you think it is dangerous to allow ten-year-olds out on their own without an adult? 5. Are your parents stricter than the parents of these teenagers?

Exercise 24. Speak about the problems of generation gap in Great Britain and in Russia.

Exercise 25. Comment on the proverbs.

1. Seven baby-sitters canít say why their only baby lost her eye.

2. Donít teach your granny to suck eggs.

3. As the tree, so the fruit (Like mother, like daughter).

4. As you sow, you shall mow.

Exercise 26. Read and translate the following text.

Pre-reading task: find the meaning of the following words and practise their pronunciation: in consequence, docile, prone, frustration, adult, hence, docility, to flourish, pals, to thrive, aloof, recreation, status, adolescence, urban, yearning, embittered, dignity, physician, flatly, meanness.

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