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Lexical and grammatical test


1. When you ... older, you'll change your mind about this.

a) will grow c) have grown

b) grow d) grew

2. By the time the police get there, the burglars ... .

a) vanish c) will have vanished

b) will vanish d) vanished

3. As soon as the taxi arrives, I ... you know.

a) let c) had let

b) have let d) will let

4. My friend has been writing to me for years already, but he never ... a photo.

a) sends c) will send

b) has sent d) sent

5. Why are you busy packing? - My train ... in two hours, so we'll leave the house in an hour.

a) is leaving c) leaves

b) will be leaving d) left

6. When was this building finished? - They say it ... by the end of last year.

a) had been finished c) will be finished

b) was finished d) finishes

7. I thought that I ... my key and was very glad when I found it.

a) lose c) had lost

b) lost d) was losing

8. What's the matter? You look upset. Last week I lost my scarf and now I just ... my gloves.

a) lost c) had lost

b) have lost d) lose

9.1 ... for this bank for five years already but I have decided to change my job.

a) am working c) have been working

b) has worked d) worked

10. Martin said that he ... the tickets the next day.

a) bought c) will buy

b) had bought d) would buy

11. The house opposite our college .,., that's why we are using the back entrance at present.

a) pulls down c) is being pulled down

b) is pulled down d) pulled down

12. You ... an umbrella when you left the house, didn't you?

a) have c) had had

b) was having d) had

13. By the time we got to the cinema the film ... .

a) will begin c) had begun

b) would begin d) began

14. Is there anything I ... do to help you?

a) can c) am to

b) may d) as to

15. The last film I saw was ... frightening than this one.

a) little c) least

b) less d) the least

16. Someone is calling you. Will you answer ... phone?

a) a c) -

b) the d) these

17. To tell the truth I don't like ... pair of trousers that I bought last month.

a) those c) that

b) this d) a

18. Whose house is it? - It's ... .

a) my c) her

b) mine d) our

19. Today is ... cold than yesterday. So, I'm wearing my


a) little c) least

b) less d) the least

20. "Come home ... Christmas Day, we'll be waiting for you", my mother always says to me.

a)in c) -

b) on d) at

21. There is a problem when you forget where dreams end and ... real world begins.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

22. Do you often put ... until tomorrow what you could do today?

a) of c) down

b) on d) off

23. Is it important to you to succeed ... your career?

a) at c) for

b) in d) because of

24. My mother passed her driving test yesterday. She ... to drive for two years.

a) learn c) has been learning

b) was learning d) had been learning

25. Pubs are often ... places to eat well and cheaply in Britain, and they also try to serve tasty British food.

a) well c) the best

b) better d) most

26. ... we recommend you our favourite places to eat in Minsk? - It's very kind of you.

a) Must c) Ought

b) Can d) May

27. They say that ... British eat only traditional British food in their homes.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

28. Surely food is as ... a part of our culture as our landscape, our language, and our literature.

a) many c) the most

b) more d) much

29. From the time of ... Roman invasion foreign trade was a major influence on British cooking.

a) - )

b)the d) an

30. English kitchens, like the English language, absorbed ... ingredients from all over the world - chickens, rabbits, apples, and tea.

a) the )

b) - d) an

31. The British always ... food from abroad.

a) import c) have imported

b) has imported d) imported

32. We live in a global village, but how ... do we know and understand each other?

a) good c) best

b) better d) well

33. In the Middle East you ... take care not to admire anything in your hosts' home. They will feel that they have to give it to you.

a) must c) should

b) can d)could

34. You should not expect the Japanese to shake ... . Bowing the head is a mark of respect in Japan.

a) hand c) a hand

b) hands d) the hands

35. In Japan the first bow of the day should be ... than when you meet thereafter.

a) low c) lowest

b) the lowest d) much lower

36. We ... for three hours when we saw the house in the distance.

a) drive c) drove

b) were driving d) had been driving

37. When they got outside, the rain ... already to snow.

a) turn c) has turned

b) had turned d) would turn

38. Agatha Christie ... at home. She didn't go to school.

a) has educated c) had educated

b) had been educated d) was educated

39. Agatha Christie is possibly the world's most famous ... writer.

a) historical c) detective story

b) short story d) criminal story

40. Pablo Picasso didn't like going to school unless he was allowed to take one of his ... pigeons with him.

a) father's c) fathers

b) fathers' d) father

41. What is the world's biggest office? - I think ... Pentagon is the largest office in the world.

a) - )

b) the d) an

42. They ... across a field when they were attacked by a bull.

a) walked c) had been walking

b) have been walking d) were walking

43. He ... for a job for months, but he could find nothing.

a) looked c) had been looking

b) was looking d) has been looking

44. John felt tired. He ... all day to prepare for the party.

a) worked c) was working

b) had been working d) has been working

45. ... of the guests have arrived yet.

a) None c) Either

b) Neither d) Somebody

46. ... people go to the cinema these days. They prefer to see films at home.

a) Fewer c) Little

b) Less d) The least

47. ... policeman in the country is looking for the killer.

a) Each . c) Everybody

b) Every d) All

48. What I like about London is the fact ... it never sleeps.

a) that c)then

b) than d)because

49. I found it difficult to get around London when I first came, but I ... to it now.

a) used c) use

b) am used d) have used

50. Born in Holland in 1853, Vincent Van Gogh is one of the world's most famous ... .

a) writers c) painters

b) poets d) musicians


The key.


1.B 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. D 11. C; 12. D; 13. C 14. A 15. B 16. B 17. C 18. B 19. B 20. B 21. C 2 2. D 23. B 24. D 25. C 26. B 27.C 28. D 29. B 30. B 31. C 32. D 33. C 34. B 35. B 36. D 37. B 38. D 39. C 40. A 41. B 42. D 43. C 44. B 45. A 46. A 47. B 48. A 49. B 50. C

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