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This, my, some, a lot of, all, etc.

59. Itís so boring here. Nothing ever happens in Ö. place.

a) that b) these c) this d) those

60. Is that my key, or is it Ö.?

a) the yours b) the yourís c) your d) yours

61. Adrian takes no interest in clothes. Heíll wear Ö .

a) a thing b) anything c) something d) nothing

62. Thereís Ö. use in complaining. They probably wonít do anything about it.

a) a few b) a little c) few d) little

63. I donít want to buy any of these books. Iíve got Ö. .

a) all b) all them c) everything d) them all


64. Letís stop and have a coffee. Ö.. a café over there, look.

a) is b) Itís c) There d) Thereís

65. Everyone in the group shook hands with Ö. .

a) each other b) one another c) one the other d) themselves

66. The washing-machine has broken down again. I think we should get Ö. .

a) a new b) a new one c) new d) new one

67. All the guests were dancing. Ö.. having a good time.

a) All were b) Every was c) Everyone was d) Someone were

Adjectives and adverbs

68. The house was Ö. building.

a) a nice old stone b) a nice stone old c) a stone old nice d0 an old nice stone

69. The government is doing nothing to help Ö. .

a) poor b) the poor c) the poors d) the poor ones

70. The young man seems very Ö. .

a) sensible b) sensiblely c) sensibley d) sensibly

71. I Ö. missed the bus. I was only just in time to catch it.

a) mostly b) near c) nearest d) nearly

72. This detailed map is Ö. the atlas.

a) more useful as b) more useful than c) usefuller as d) usefuller than

73. This place gets ÖÖ crowded with tourists every summer.

a) always more b) crowded and more c) from more to more d) more and more

74. Yes, I have got the report. Ö. it.

a) I just am reading b) Iím just reading c) Iím reading just d) Just Iím reading

75. Iíve read this paragraph three times, and I Ö. understand it.

a) canít still b) canít yet c) still canít d) yet canít

76. Weíre really sorry. We regret what happened Ö. .

a) a bit b) much c0 very d) very much


77. The village is Ö. Sheffield. Itís only six miles away.

a) along b) by c) near d) next

78. You can see the details Ö. the computer screen.

a) at b) by c) in d) on

79. Iíve got a meeting Ö. Thursday afternoon.

a) at b) in c) on d) to

80. Weíve lived in this flat Ö. five years.

a) ago b) already c) for d) since

81. This car is Ö. , if you are interested in buying it.

a) for sale b) in sale c) at sale d) to sell

82. Poly wants to cycle round the world. Sheís really keen Ö. the idea.

a) about b) for c) on d) with

Verbs with prepositions and adverbs

83. I prefer dogs Ö. cats. I hate cats.

a) from b) over c) than d) to

84. My father used the money he won to set Ö. his own company.

a) forward b) on c) out d) up

85. Donít go too fast. I canít keep Ö you.

a) on to b) on with c) up to d) up with

Reported speech

86. Someone Ö.. the tickets are free.

a) said me b) said me that c) told me d) told to me

87. Last week Justin said ďIíll do it tomorrowí. He said he would do it Ö .

a) the following day b) the previous day c) tomorrow d) yesterday

88. I donít know why Nancy didnít go to the meeting. She said she Ö.. definitely going.

a) be b) is c) was d) would

89. The librarian asked us Ö.. so much noise.

a) donít make b) not to make c) not making d) not to make

Relative clauses

90. Whatís the name of the man Ö gave us a lift?

a) he b) aht c) which d) who

91. What was that notice Ö. ?

a) at that you were looking b) you were looking at c) you were looking at it d) which you were looking

92. Susan is the woman Ö. husband is in hospital.

a) her b) that c) whose d) which

93. York, Ö.. last year, is a nice old city.

a) I visited b) that I visited c) which I visited d) whom I visited

94. The accident was seen by some people Ö at a bus stop.

a) waited b) waiting c) were waiting d) who waiting

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