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The infinitive and the Ėing form

Words and sentences

1. We gave Ö. A meal.

a) at the visitors b) for the visitors c) the visitors d) to the visitors


2. Iím busy at the moment. ÖÖ on the computer.

a) I work b) Iím work c) Iím working d) I working

3. My friend Ö.. the answer to the question.

a) is know b) know c) knowing d) knows

4. I think Iíll buy these shoes. Ö.. really well.

a) They fit b) They have fit c) theyíre fitting d) They were fitting

5. Where Ö. the car?

a) did you park b) did you parked c) parked you d) you parked

6.At nine oíclock yesterday morning we Ö. for the bus.

a) wait b) waiting c) was waiting d) were waiting

7. When I looked round the door, the baby Ö. quietly.

a) is sleeping b) slept c) was sleeping d) were sleeping

8. hereís my report. Ö. it at last.

a) I finish b) I finished c) Iím finished d) Iíve finished

9. Iíve Ö. made some coffee. Itís in the kitchen.

a) ever b) just c) never d) yet

10. We Ö. to Ireland for our holidays last year.

a) goes b) going c) have gone d) went

11. Robert Ö.. ill for three weeks. Heís still in hospital.

a) had been b) has been c) is d) was

12. My arms are aching now because Ö since two oíclock.

a) Iím swimming b) I swam c) I swim d) Iíve been swimming

13. Iím very tired. Ö.. over four hundred miles today.

a) I drive b) Iím driving c) Iíve been driving d) Iíve driven

14. When Martin Ö. the car, he took it out for a drive.

a) had repaired b) has repaired c) repaired d) was repairing

15. Janet was cut of breath because Ö.. .

a) sheíd been running b) she did run c) sheís been running d) sheís run

16. Donít worry. I Ö. be here to help you.

a) not b) shall c) willnít d) wonít

17. Our friends Ö. meet us at the airport tonight.

a) are b) are going to c) go to d) will be to

18. ÖÖ a party next Saturday. Weíve sent out the invitations.

a) We had b) We have c) Weíll have d) Weíre having

19. Iíll tell Anna all the news when Ö. her.

a) Iíll b) Iím going to see c) I see d) I shall see

20. At this time tomorrow Ö. over the Atlantic.

a) we flying b) weíll be flying c) weíll fly d) we to fly

21. Whereís Robert? Ö. a shower?

a) Does he have b) Has he c) Has he got d) Is he having

22. I Ö. like that coat. Itís really nice.

a) am b) do c) very d) yes

Questions, negatives and answers

23. Whatís the weather like in Canada? How often Ö there?

a) does it snow b) does it snows c) snow it d) snows it

24. Which team Ö. the game?

a) did it win b) did they win c) won d) won it

25. What did you leave the meeting early Ö.? ─ I didnít feel very well.

a) away b) because c) for d) like

26. Unfortunately the driver Ö. the red light.

a) didnít saw b) didnít see c) no saw d) saw not

27. You havenít eaten your pudding. Ö. it?

A) Are you no want b) Do you no want c) Donít want you d) Donít you want

28. I really enjoyed the disco. It was great, Ö.?

a) is it? B) isnít it c) was it d) wasnít it

29. Are we going the right way? ─ I think Ö. .

a) indeed b) it c) so d) yes

Modal verbs

30. The chemistís was open, so luckily I Ö. buy some aspirin.

a) can b) canít c) did can d) was able to

31. Susan has to work very hard. I Ö.. do her job, Iím sure.

a) canít b) couldnít c) donít d) shouldnít

32. We had a party last night. Ö. spend all morning clearing up the mess.

a) I must have b) Iíve been c) Iíve had to d) Iíve must

33. There was no one else at the box office. I Ö. in a queue.

a) didnít need to wait b) mustnít wait c) neednít have waited d) neednít wait

34. Ö I carry that bag for you? ─ Oh, thank you.

a) Do b) Shall c) Will d) Would

35. Iíve lost the key. I ought Ö. it in a safe place.

a) that I put b) to be putting c) to have put d) to put

The Passive

36. We canít go along here because the road is Ö. .

a) been repaired b) being repaired c) repairing d) repaired

37. The story Iíve just read Ö. Agatha Christie.

a) was written b) was written by c) was written from d) wrote

38. Some film stars Ö. be difficult to work with.

a) are said b) are said to c) say d) say to

39. I/m going to go out and Ö. .

a) have cut my hair b) have my hair cut c) let my hair cut d) my hair be cut

The infinitive and the Ėing form

40. The driver was arrested for failing Ö.. an accident.

a) of report b) report c) reporting d) to report

41.Someone suggested Ö.. for a walk.

a) go b) going c) of going d) to go

42. I can remember Ö. voices in the middle of the night.

a) hear b) heard c) hearing d) to hear

43. The police want Ö. anything suspicious.

a) that we report b) us reporting c) us to report d) we report

44. We werenít sure Ö. or just walk in.

a) should knock b) to knock c) whether knock d) whether to knock

45. It was too cold Ö. outside.

a) the guests eating; b) for the guests to eat; c) that the guests should eat; d) that the guests eat

46. Did you congratulate Tessa Ö. her exam?

a) of passing b) on passing c) passing d) to pass

47. I didnít like it in the city at first. But now Ö. here.

a) I got used to living b) Iím used to living c) I used to live d) I used to living

48. They raised the money simply Ö. for it. It was easy.

a) asking b) by asking c) of asking d) with asking

49. As we walked past, we saw Nigel Ö. his car.

a) in washing b) to wash c) wash d) washing

Nouns and articles (a/an and the)

50. I need to buy Ö. .

a) a bread b) a loaf bread c) a loaf of bread d) breads

51. My father is not only the town mayor, he runs Ö., too.

a) a business b) a piece of business c) business d) some business

52. The Ö.. produced at our factory in Scotland.

a) good are b) good is c) goods are d) goods is

53. Iím looking for Ö. to cut this string.

a) a pair scissors b) a scissor c) a scissors d) some scissors

54. I was watching TV at home when suddenly Ö.. rang.

a) a doorbell b) an doorbell c) doorbell d) the doorbell

55. Iíve always liked Ö. .

a) Chinese food b) ffod of China c) some food of China d) the Chinese food

56. In England most children go Ö.. at the age of five.

a) school b) to school c) to some schools d) to the school

57.We havenít had holiday for Ö. time.

a) a so long b) so a long c) such a long d) such long

58. Our friends have a house in Ö. .

a) a West London b) the West London c) West London d) West of London

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