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Rewrite the following passage in the passive.

Someone broke into the National Gallery late last night. The thieves had broken the alarm system before they climbed through a window. They stole some priceless works of art. They used a getaway car to escape. The police have questioned some suspects. They have not caught the thieves yet.

52. Rewrite the following passage in the passive.

A few days ago, somebody stole Keith Dunn's motor­bike. Keith had left his motorbike outside his house. Keith reported the theft to the police. The police told him they would try to find his motorbike. This morning, the police called Keith and asked him to go to the police station. They had found his motorbike. The thieves had painted it and then sold it to someone else. The new owner had parked the motorbike outside the police station. The police arrested the thieves.

Rewrite the following passage in the passive.

Yesterday afternoon, a volcanic eruption destroyed an entire village. Mount Sirius, which experts thought was j. dormant, erupted at 3 pm. Tourists had seen smoke ri­sing from the mouth of the volcano two days before. The police moved the villagers away from the area for their own safety. Tons of lava and rock came out of the vol­cano and wrecked houses, roads and trees. Although the blast physically injured only a few people, doctors are treating many for shock. The authorities are keep­ing the area surrounding Mount Sirius clear in case of further activity.

Rewrite the following passages in the passive.

A Yesterday afternoon, the school held a sports day. John's teacher entered him for the 100m race because people thought John was the fastest runner in the school. John's teacher blew the whistle and the race started. Loud cheers filled the air as John's friends cheered him on. John overtook all the other runners and, as people had expected, John won the race. The headmaster gave him a trophy as a prize.

B Do you think that people will ever use electric cars? Someone has already invented the electric car, but at the moment they are too expensive for most people to buy. Also, you have to recharge their batteries frequently. However, if people drove electric cars instead of the cars we use today, the air we breathe would be cleaner, as they would not pump exhaust fumes into the atmosphere.

C Last week, the Prime Minister visited Dawston. The Mayor of the town greeted him when he arrived and gave him a tour. He introduced the Prime Minister to some important businessmen and took him to lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon, the Mayor held a meeting and the Prime Minister addressed the citizens of Dawston. He told them that he had enjoyed his visit very much.


Modal Verb Substitute Example
must to have to I must swim. = I have to swim.
must not not to be allowed to I must not swim. = I am not allowed to swim.
can to be able to I can swim. = I am able to swim.
may to be allowed to I may swim. = I am allowed to swim.
need to have to I need to swim. = I have to swim.
need not not to have to I need not swim. = I don't have to swim.
shall / should/ ought to to be supposed to / to be expected to / to be to I shall / should / ought to swim. = I am supposed to swim. / I am expected to swim. / I am to swim.

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