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Different types of houses.

1. Letís talk about different types of houses.

2. Does the place where a person lives reflect his/ her personality? Why (not)?

3. What questions will you ask your friend who is going to move about his/ her new home?

4. Your friend wants to decorate his/ her new flat. Give him/ her some advice how to furnish it.

5. What type of house would you prefer to live in? Why?


Belarusian national cuisine.


British cuisine.

1. Letís talk about national cuisine of an English-speaking country.

2. How many meals a day do English people have?

3. What questions will you ask a British teenager about his favourite dishes?

4. What traditional British dishes would you advice me to try?

5. They say that Britain is a tea-drinking nation. Is it true? Prove it.



1. Letís talk about shopping.

2. Do you like shopping? Why (not)?

3. What questions will you ask a shop assistant to help you to choose a purchase?

4. Advise me how to avoid spending too much money.

5. Do you agree that if you have problems, money can help you to solve them? Why (not)?



1. Letís talk about leisure time.

2. Do you find it useful to go to the theatre or cinema? Why (not)?

3. What questions can you ask a British friend about his/her hobbies?

4. Give me some advice on what to do in my free time.

5. Many parents complain that children donít read books. Why do you think children are not interested in reading?


Belarusian customs and traditions.


British customs and traditions.

1. Letís talk about customs and traditions of an English-speaking country

2. Would you like to take part in a British holiday celebration? Why?

3. What questions can you ask a British teenager about his/her birthday celebration?

4. What national souvenirs would you buy in Britain?

5. Nowadays more and more people are getting interested in customs and traditions of different countries. What do you think about it?


Means of communication.

1. Letís talk about means of communication.

2. What is the most useful means of communication in your point of view?

3. What questions will you ask people who live without a TVset, computer or radio?

4. Iíd like to watch an interesting programme on TV. What can you advise me?

5. Can the Internet replace all the other means of mass media? What is your point of view?


Healthy lifestyle.

1. Letís talk about a healthy way of life.

2. Do you agree that bad habits, like smoking, can be dangerous? Why (not)?

3. What questions will you ask a fitness coach?

4. What can you advise a person who wants to lose weight?

5. What is the best way to promote a healthy way of life among young people? Why is it important to stay healthy?



1. Letís talk about sport.

2. Does sport influence a personís health?

3. What questions will you ask a professional sportsman?

4. What can you advise a person who doesnít know what kind of sport to take up?

5. Why is sport popular in your point of view?



1. Letís talk about fashion. What style in clothes do you prefer and why?

2. Do you prefer fashionable clothes to comfortable ones? Why (not)?

3. What questions can you ask a shop assistant in a big shop?

4. What would you advise your friend who wants to buy some new clothes?

5. A famous person once said: ďFashions come and go, style is forever.Ē What do you think about it?



1. Letís talk about travelling and tourism.

2. What means of transport do you prefer and why?

3. What questions would you ask a travel agent to learn more about a tour?

4. Which of the foreign countries or cities would you recommend your friend to visit?

5. What difficulties can you have when visiting a foreign country?



1. Letís talk about environment.

2. What environmental issue is the biggest in your point of view?

3. What questions will you ask a zoologist?

4. What do you think people should do to protect the environment?

5. Are you for or against cloning animals? Why (not)?


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