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Talk about your experience of sharing a room

Well, first of all I'd like to say that entering the university my first step into adult life. Certainly I was sure that my life would change a lot and that I would face some difficulties.

So now I live with my distant relatives and share my room with two cousins. I think that the main disadvantage of living with relatives is that you don't have a room of your own and you have to share it with some people. You have to keep to their rules and have to take into account their interests and desires. For instance, if someone is sleeping you can't listen to music and you have to whisper.

I'm on friendly terms with my cousins. They are trustworthy and sympathetic people, but sometimes they can be boring, stubborn and snobbish.

But despite the fact when you share a room with smb you can always have somebody to turn for help, a piece of advice or just to talk to. Sometimes you can go for a walk, see new films or TV talk-shows with them.

But sometimes my cousins annoyed me, especially when noise from my cousin’s computer, ex. films or music disturbs me and I can’t focus on my studies, or preparing for an important test and my cousin wants to have a chat with me.I also want to admit that it's very difficult to live with people who have another rhythm of life. For example my relatives like going to bed at midnight and I prefer going to bed early. They are early riser but I like to sleep as long as possible. Besides you need to adapt yourself to other people's desires and wishes and sometimes it's very difficult, because the first wants to listen to loud music, the second wants to learn something and the third wants to sleep; and you always have to put up with all desires.

But frankly speaking sometimes I dream of renting a room. First of all because you can do everything you want, you needn't adjust to other people and their habits, for instance, if you want to sleep (even at a daytime) nobody will bother you, if you want to study, you can easily do it in silence. Also you can invite guests to your room when you want and put them up at night. But at the same time when I imagine myself living alone in a flat I feel pity for myself. I think that it's boring. Besides if you don't understand something, for example, a new rule there is nobody who can explain it to you. But the most important disadvantage to my mind is that it's expensive to rent a room and as I don't work at present I can't afford it and I don't want my parents pay for me.

In the end I would like to say that I prefer having a room to myself to sharing a room, because I think it more convenient.


A good friend

To start with I would like to mention the proverb “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”. Friendships are probably one of the most important relationships you have in your life.

I personally think that a man become a real friend only if you know each other at least for 10 years on and off. Because I think only in this case you can learn this person to the bones and know his real soul.

As for me, the best rule how to be a good friend is that you need to treat your friend the same way you’d like to be treated. to answer the question “How I can treat a friend” you can just put yourself in shoes of your friend. And that is all.

I also think that a real friend is easy to deal with. Good friends always make life seem so much easier and better. And if you are a real friend you need to completely accept your friend with his/her faults. Often when you are feeling depressed, you will never have to explain it to your friend , because a true friend knows when you are upset. Understanding without words is the indicator of a good friendship. If you want to be a good friend you have to be patient to understand your friend. And one more feature of a real friendship in my opinion is honesty. True friends never hesitates to speak up their mind and usually says exactly what he/she thinks. And the most pleasant thing about friend is that you can always have a lot of fun with him. Because he usually says funny things and has you in stitches sometimes. In any time you can go for a walk with him and have a good laugh.

And as a conclusion, I would like to say that a good friend is a person who has a listening ear. Also you can always rely on him, confide in him, have a shoulder to cry on. A true friend usually gives you a hand in difficult situations.



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