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Talk about the qualities a woman needed in the first half of the 20th century in order to make a career in a male-dominated profession in Britain

Talk about a personís recollections of his childhood and his family

Thereís no doubt that all people have unique recollections of their childhood. It can be impressive moments for a little child about his or her parents, grandparents, about family holidays, his or her favourite toys and that sort of things. And it always amazing how some people can remember small details about their childhood. Margaret Powel in her work ďMy lifeĒ tells us about her family the atmosphere in it, he describes where he lived, and he tells about the numerous difficulties which his family had to overcome. She tells us her earliest recollections in small details and we can see her every step of life.

The family of the author lived in war time and it was difficult for many people to make both ends meet. Itís evidently that little Margaret used to think that other children were better off than she with her brothers and sisters were. By the way, the author was a second child in the family of seven. So, Iíve come to the conclusion that her family was rather big and the main hardship was money. Author says that they were extra hard up and there was no money coming in. Nevertheless, the authorís parents did their utmost to provide the children with all they needed. Their father was an old-job man who didnít have a regular work, because people didnít want their houses done up, and their mother used to go out charring. Sometimes she brought home little treasures: a basin of dripping, half a loaf of bred, a little bit of butter or a bowl of soup. Unfortunately, the authorís family couldnít afford to rent a house in those days and didnít even dream about buying their own. But despite this fact, father brought the children a comic for half penny every Sunday morning. Later, when the author has become older she looked back at his childhood and wonders how his father managed to bring them comics when he was unemployed.

But despite the fact that it was difficult times Margaretís family was very close-knit I think. They always supported each other. Parents cared of the children and set them a good example through their own behavior, and the children looked up to their father and mother and really respected them.

And in the end I would like to say that I really admire them and this story I will remember for ever and ever.



Talk about the qualities a woman needed in the first half of the 20th century in order to make a career in a male-dominated profession in Britain

To start with, a well-spent life is almost as rare as a well-written one. these are the words of Thomas Carlyle. I am agree with him, because I personally think that every person has his unique life and no one has similar life. I honestly believe that you are the author of your life and you can spend it in such way you want. And nobody can do it besides you. We have a lot of examples of people who could manage to get to the top and made a wonderful career, because it was his or her longing. As far as I know age doesnít matter at all when someone wants to make a career. What really important are the personís quantities and the time he/she lives in.

From the text ďMy great AuntĒ we can find an example of how woman named Mary Grieve managed to be a success in male- dominated profession in the early fifties.

In my opinion nowadays a woman can make a career much easier than it used to be in Mary Grieveís time. Nevertheless she managed to become the first female editor of a magazine in Britain.

So, what quantities should a woman possess if she wanted to get to the top in her in life in the middle of the last century? Well, I think it was impossible for a quiet and submissive woman to make a good career, because a woman had to cope with numerous hardships and problems, she had to be a person of a strong strong and determined character. Itís evidently that intelligence is a quality without which any woman could never get to the top even if she was very hard-working. In my opinion, she should be full of enthusiasm about life and got a great joy out of learning new things.

I can also say that we are used to thinking that if a woman has a successful career, a high salary and a luxurious car she is very happy. But letís look at the ďreverse side of the medalĒ. Itís well-known that most career-women have to forget about such important things as home and family, because she canít mix a job and a family. Thatís why a woman must think everything over before choosing her desirable aim in her life.

In conclusion Iíd like to say that it doesnít matter who you are and in what time you live, you surely need a bit of good luck. Itís not necessary to be born with a silver spoon in oneís mouth, but if you your dreams come true you should work hard all the time.


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