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Letter 1. I AM A STUDENT!

Hi, Susy,

1) I am happy to tell you that now I am an undergraduate student of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science. My degree program is Computer Security. The building of our Institute is situated in the centre of Tyumen, at the corner of Lenina and Perekopskaya Streets. There are 7 departments there, such as Mathematical Analyses and Theory of Functions, Software, Mathematical Modeling, Informational Security, Algebra and Mathematical Logics, Informational Systems, Mathematics and Computer Science.

2) Every student has an opportunity to work in up-to-date lecture rooms where different scientific problems are under investigation. Here students can acquire skills, which help them to find a good job. There are also many multimedia and computer laboratories connected to the Internet. The main building offers students and teachers free WiFi connection.

3) As for the teaching staff of the Institute, it consists of professors, associate professors and well-qualified lecturers. No doubt, they are competent in their subjects, friendly, and well-organized.

4) All students of the Institute are divided into groups. The heads of the groups are responsible for the attendance of classes and for the students’ progress. Our classes usually start at 8 o’clock in the morning and last till 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Each lecture or seminar lasts an hour and a half.

5) Undergraduate students are lectured in various subjects. During the first two years, they attend lectures on main fields of their science, history, philosophy, foreign languages, etc. According to the curriculum they learn English to be able to read European and American journals and scientific books. In the third year narrow specialization begins. Students take specialized courses and additional practical and research work in the field they have chosen.

6) As for our university, lectures are given to large groups of students (from 20 to 200). Seminars and tutorials are usually arranged for smaller groups. In addition to attending lectures and seminars, students should choose a problem to investigate. They do their best to acquire as much knowledge as possible. After completing four or five years of study, students write a graduate paper for a university degree (Bachelor or Specialist degree). Very often graduates of the Institute continue their studies for two more years and write dissertations for an advanced degree (Master degree).

7) Those who are interested in science may take postgraduate courses and to work over the dissertation for receiving a Ñandidate degree (the equivalent to PhD. in Europe or the USA).

8) Graduates of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, are able to work at banks, schools, research institutes and other large private and government organizations as specialists of high level.

I hope to find a good job, too.

Kind regards,



● Read Letter 1 and say whether the information is familiar to you. What new information have you got?

1.4Read and translate the names of the institutes and educational programs:

the Institute of Biology Biology, Landscape Architecture, Bioinformatics and Bioengineering
the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science Mathematics, Software and Administration of Information Systems, Applied Computer Science in Economics, Computer Security, Information Security, Information Systems and Technologies, Information Security of Automated Systems, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling, Nanotechnology and System Technologies
the Institute of Earth Sciences Geography, Ecology, Environmental Management Service, Tourism, Hydrometeorology, Cartography and Geoinformatics
the Institute of Physics and Chemistry Physics, Radiophysics, Technical Physics, Nanotechnologies and System Engineering Chemistry


1.5Match the subjects the students are taught at the University with the institutes:

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