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VI. Paraphrase the sentences below using no more than 8 words including the word given. Do not change the word given.

54. I have never seen such a beautiful castle! Ė exclaimed Mary.
Never ______________________________ - exclaimed Mary.

55. They started off. One of the cars immediately got a puncture.

No ____________________________________of the cars got a puncture.

56. There stood three giant elms on the top of the hill.

On the top of the hill ______________________________.

57. He had no idea that two men in uniform were following him. realize
Little ______________________________ two men in uniform were following him.

58. There is no question about children going out in my absence. account

On ___________________________________ go out in my absence.

59. Kevin promises a lot but doesnít usually do what he says. goods

Kevin rarely ___________________________ though he promises a lot.

60. I want to be honest with you. I donít want to buy this expensive car. clean

Let ____________________. I donít want to buy this expensive car.

61. Sue and Richard are poor now. They never even eat out. world

Sue and Richard _______________________. They never even eat out.

62. Jane got a brilliant idea of inviting Sean Connery to the promotion. up

Jane __________________________ of inviting Sean Connery to the promotion.

63. We have been working all night long to finish the construction on time. oil

We __________________________________ to finish the construction on time.

64. He can afford another yacht. He is very rich. burn

He can afford another yacht. He has ______________________.

65. Iíll tell you a secret. But donít tell it anyone else! spill

Iíll tell you a secret. _______________________.

66. Now that you have sold your shares you will never be on the board of directors. There is no return. bridges

Now that you have sold your shares you will never be on the board of directors. Youíve ___________________ .


VII. Match the idioms and their definitions. There are two definitions you donít need:

  1. Like water off the duckís back
  2. Like chalk and cheese
  3. Like a sieve
  4. Time and again
  5. Flesh and blood
  6. At sixes and sevens
  7. Through thick and thin
  8. Life and soul of the party
  9. Black and white
  10. The apple of oneís eye
  11. Spill the beans
  12. Get egg on your face
  13. A dogís breakfast
  14. The icing on the cake
  1. Completely different
  2. Someone you love very much
  3. Honest and trustworthy
  4. In disorder
  5. Divulge secrets
  6. Ignore criticism
  7. Have many trials, difficulties
  8. Spoil utterly
  9. Be very embarrassed
  10. Forget everything
  11. A vivacious and sociable person
  12. An attractive but inessential enhancement
  13. In writing or in print
  14. A near relative or close family
  15. On many occasions, repeatedly
  16. Happy and content



VIII. Correct the mistakes if necessary:

  1. On no account the children should go alone in the woods
  2. Helen is leaving this place. Sheís got bigger fish and chips to fry in Chicago.
  3. You shouldnít have put all the eggs in one box. If the bank goes bankrupt, youíll stay penniless.
  4. Fred is making all the right sounds. Heís bound to be promoted.
  5. You are well within rights to complain to the manager. The toaster is faulty.
  6. They took exception to his bohemian demeanour.
  7. He took no note of the cat quietly eating all his meat.
  8. Iím tired of playing second violin to Jar-Jar Binks. He has the same rank after all!
  9. Why donít you buy that beautiful old cupboard? Itís going for song!
  10. The miners have come out in sympathy with factory workers during the 1976 strike.


IX. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions where necessary:

  1. Joe kept rabbiting ____ about his job although no one was listening any longer.
  2. The discussion started so peacefully. I had no idea they would come ___ blows!
  3. Harry tried to explain his absence but broke ____ when he realized that everyone knew he was lying.
  4. The house is rather run-_____ but Iím sure I can repair it!
  5. After a long life in the United States Bill finally settled _____ in Great Britain.
  6. Donít hang ______ with those guys! They all belong to a gang.
  7. He dropped out of college and started a computer company. He never looked ____.
  8. He thought he would earn millions but ended ___ in the slums.
  9. Everyone drew ____ seeing the giant snake.
  10. Cheer ___! The test is not too difficult! And Christmas is coming!


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