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North and Central America



The parliament of Budapest

place : Budapest

Czech Republic:

The city of Prague

place : Prague


The Neuschwanstein castle

place : near the border with Austria, south of Munich


The Plitvice park and its waterfalls

place : north of Gospic


The aeolian islands and the Stromboli

place : north of the Sicilia island

Florence, the duomo and the ponte vecchio

place : Florence

The Coliseum

place : Rome

Venice and its canals

place : Venice

The frescoes of the Sixtin church

place : inside the city of Rome (Vatikan)

The Vatican and the Saint Peter's basilica

place : inside the city of Rome (Vatikan)


The mont Saint-Michel

place : Normandy

The Piana rocky inlet and the Girolata gulf

place : Corsica

United Kingdom:

Big Ben and the Parliament Square

place : London

The Giants' Causeway

place : north of the country Northern Ireland

  • Glen Coe

Place: Scotland


  • Killarney

place: count Kerry


The Alhambra

place : Granada, Andalucia province

The Mezquita of Cordoba

place : Cordoba, Andalucia province


  • Gullfoss

Place: North Atlantic



The Petronas towers

place : Kuala Lumpur

Sri Lanka:


place : in the middle of the country


The forbidden city

place : Beijing

The emperor Qin I's mausoleum and his terracotta army

place : Xi'an, Shaanxi province

The Wulingyuan rocky peaks

place : south-east of the country, Hunan province

The colorful waters of the Jiuzhaigou river

place : in the middle of the country, north of the Sichuan province

The limestone basins at Huanglong

place : in the middle of the country, north of the Sichuan province

The Potala, dalai-lama's palace

place : Lhassa

Karstic peaks at Guilin, along the Li river

place : south of the country, between Guilin and Yangshuo

The great wall of China

place : north-east of the country, along Inner Mongolia


The Baikal lake

place : near the border with Mongolia


The Komodo island

place : south, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores

The Buddhistic temple of Borobudur

place : in the middle of the Java island


The Halong bay

place : in the Tonkin Gulf, east of Hanoi


The Badshahi mosque at Lahore

place : south-east of Islamabad






  • Okavango Delta

Place: Coastal region


  • La Digue

place: Indian Ocean


The Victoria waterfalls

place : border between the two countries


The Ngorongoro crater

place : north of the country, south of the Serengeti park

  • Kilimajaro

place: northwest of the country


Nightlife on the Djemaa Elfna square

place : Marrakech

The Hassan II mosque

place : Casablanca

  • Sahara desert

place: South of the country


The mosque of Djenné

place : Djenné, east of Bamako


The Karnak temple

place : near Luxor

A Nil cruise between Luxor and Assuan

place : from Luxor to Assuan

The Abu Simbel temple

place : south-west of Assuan, at the shore of the Nasser lake

The pyramids and the sphinx

place : Giseh, south-west of Cairo



North and Central America

United States of America:

The golden gate bridge and the San Francisco bay

place : California state

Chorus of lights at Las Vegas

place : Las Vegas

Giant sequoias

place : in the sequoia national park, south-west of the country, California state

The statue of Liberty and the Manhattan view

place : New-York

The Yellowstone national park

place : north-west of the country, Wyoming state

The great canyon of Colorado

place : south-west of the country, Arizona state

The Kilauea and the Hawaii volcanoes

place : Hawaii


El Tajin

place : north-east of Mexico city

El Tajin

place : north-east of Mexico city

The precolombian pyramids of Teotihuacan

place : north-east of Mexico City


White immensity of the Arctic\Antarctic

place : north\south pole


South America


The inca city of Machu Picchu

place : near Cuzco


The Galapagos archipelago

place : off the west coast of the country


Aerial view of Rio bay

place : Rio of Janeiro

The carnaval of Rio

place : Rio of Janeiro

The Amazonian rain forest

place : around the Amazonia river and its affluents


Moai statues of the Easter island

place : Easter island, in the middle of the Pacific


The Perito Moreno glacier

place : Patagonia


The Canaima park and the Salto Angel waterfalls

place : east of the country



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