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Australia and the Pacific

North and Central America

United States of America:

The golden gate bridge and the San Francisco bay

place : California state


Chorus of lights at Las Vegas

place : Las Vegas


Giant sequoias

place : in the sequoia national park, south-west of the

country, California state


The statue of Liberty and the Manhattan view

place : New-York


The Yellowstone national park

place : north-west of the country, Wyoming




The great canyon of Colorado

place: south-west of the country, Arizona state


The Kilauea and the Hawaii volcanoes

place : Hawaii



El Tajin

place : north-east of Mexico city



Chitchen Itza

place : north-east of Mexico city


The precolombian pyramids of Teotihuacan

place : north-east of Mexico City






White immensity of the Arctic\Antarctic

place : north\south pole



South America


The inca city of Machu Picchu

place : near Cuzco




The Galapagos archipelago

place : off the west coast of the country



Aerial view of Rio bay

place : Rio of Janeiro


The carnival of Rio

place : Rio of Janeiro



The Amazonian rain forest

place : around the Amazonia river and its affluents




Moai statues of the Easter island

place : Easter island, in the middle of the Pacific


The Perito Moreno glacier

place : Patagonia






  • The Canaima park

place : east of the country



Middle East and Turkey



place : north-east of the country




The Meidan-e Imam at Ispahan

place : south of Teheran



The Cappadocia and the Goreme valley

place : in the middle of the country


The blue mosque in front of Hagia Sofia


Saudi Arabia:

Muslim fervor at Mecca

place : Mecca, east of the country



The Nabatean city of Petra

place : south-west of the country, near Israel


Australia and the Pacific


The city of Sydney and the opera house

place : Sydney



The Tasmania island

place : south-east of the country


The Uluru giant monolith at Ayers Rock

place :in the middle of the country


The great coral reef

place : offshore, north-east of the country



Lord Howe Island

Place: two hours off the coast of Sydney



New Zealand:

Milford sound and the Mitre peak

place : south-west of the southern island

place : Istanbul



French Polynesia:

The Bora-Bora island

place : in the middle of the Pacific



  • Mamanuca Islands

place: East Pacific



  • The Lau Archipelago

Place: East Pacific




Midway Island:

  • Islands

Place: Half-way between Asia and America


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