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Write a 350-word essay developing one of the theses.


1. As violence in movies increases, so do crime rates in our cities. To combat this problem we must establish a board to censor certain movies or we must limit admission to persons over 21 years of age.

2. As overall life expectancy continues to rise, the population of our country is growing increasingly older. A prudent investor would be well advised to sell interest in hotels and invest in hospitals and nursing homes instead.

3. As public concern over drug abuse has increased, authorities have become more vigilant in their efforts to prevent illegal drugs from entering the country. Many drug traffickers have consequently switched from marijuana which is bulky, or heroin, which has a market too small to justify the risk of severe punishment, to cocaine. Thus enforcement efforts have ironically resulted in an observed increase in the illegal use of cocaine.

4. In most fields – including education, politics, and business – the prevailing philosophy never stays in place very long. This pattern of constantly shifting from one theoretical position to another is an inevitable reflection of human nature: people soon tire of the status quo.

5. Most people today place too much emphasis on satisfying their immediate desires. The overall quality of life would be greatly improved if we all focused instead on meeting our long-term needs.

6. The most important reason for studying history is not that knowledge of history can make us better people or a better society but that it can provide clues to solving the societal problems that we face today.

7. Whether people accept or reject an idea depends more on the way it is presented to them than on the merits of the idea itself.

8. All citizens should be required to perform a special amount of public service. Such service would benefit not only the country as a whole but also the individual participants.

9. Companies are never justified in employing young children, even if the child’s family would benefit from the income.

10. Robert Parker, a mystery writer, has stated: In general, I believe that writers should be free to write what they wish; and publisher, should be free to publish what they wish; and each should be free to do it at any time. (Do you agree with his opinion? Why or why not?)


[1] Vice versa - on the opposite.

[2] Insuperable abyss –– a deep empty space; a great difference, separating people, which is impossible to cover.

[3] Tranquility – calmness, quietness, and peace.

[4] Margaret Horsfield, The Great Escape, The Guardian, 02. 04. 91.

[5] Based on T.N. Shishkina “War on Terror”, Moscow 2002; R. Antonovsky “New realities of terror”, 2004; B. Kagarlitsky “The end of tolerance?”, Novaya gazeta, 2002; K. Siroezhkin “Genuine Terrorism”, Continent, ¹21, 2001; the interviews with Anthony Johns, financial analyst, FORD motor company, UK, B. Nadezhdin, State Duma deputy, RF.

[6] redistribution – reallocation of the assets

[7] impunity- staying unpunished after the wrongdoing

[8] engender – be the cause of the situation or feeling

[9] vigilance – careful attention given to what is happening, so that you will notice any danger or illegal activity.

[10] Based on J.Fulcher and J.Scott, Sociology and R.Stark, White-Collar Crime.

[11] Injunction - an order given by court forbidding sb to do sth; a piece of advice from sb in command.


[12] Lingering – lasting for a long time, especially when it is unpleasant or unnecessary.

[13] Contrite – very sorry or ashamed because you have done something wrong.

[14] Sordid – Indecent; morally low; corrupt.

[15] Based on Carol Numrich, Raise the Issue//Just Say ‘No’ to Drugs?, The Holland Model, Longman Publishing Group, 1994; Frederick B. Campbell, To Control Drugs, Legalize, The New York Times Company, 1990


[16] The articles in this section reflect the position of their writers and do not necessarily coincide with the stance of the author of this book.

[17] Taken from the "On The Might" column by William F. Buckley, Jr. Copyright® 1988, Dist. Universal Press Syndicate.


[18] Sherry Joe, "Back to the Nest," Los Angeles Times, October 28, 1991.


[19] Based on SASKIA SASSEN’s “The migration fallacy”, Financial Times, December 27, 2004.

[20] Hover – to keep in the same position for example in the air (talking about birds), however the word projects the idea of being in a state that may change at any time or of being close to some negative experience awaiting you.

[21] Penumbra – an area covered by the outer part of a shadow, so that it is not completely dark (but it is not in the limelight either)

[22] Invoke – (here) to mention a law, principle, or idea in order to support an argument or to explain an action.

[23] Based on Syed Soharwardy, Please Stop Yellow Journalism: Muslims Against Terrorism-struggling for justice, Alberta T3G 3N8, Canada, Email: Soharwardy @Home.com

[24] Based on 'Special report: Human rights. Righting Wrongs. The Economist, August 18th 2001.

[25] Michael Ignatieff is the direc­tor of the Carr Centre of Human Rights, Policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

[26] Arraign – (usually passive) to order someone to go to a court of law to be formally charged with a crime.

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