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Answer the following questions.

- Who can afford morals according to B.Shaw?

- What was the division of interests on the rightsí arena in the past?

- How has the battleground of Amnesty International changed lately?

- What is the United Nations bodiesí attitude to the extension of the concept of rights?

- Why are human-rights bodies keen to broaden their remit?


2. The author identifies several problems in the extension of the concept of rights. What are they?

3. What is the implication of the title? How do you understand it?

Brainstorm ideas.


- Though the necessity of balance between human and economic rights is a sure way to harmony in global community the article is by no means controversial. What do you think about the change of priorities? Do you consider it timely? Have all the political rights of every individual been already achieved? What is the reason for this shift of priorities?

Group Discussion


■ What makes a good and successful marriage? Which factors contribute to an unhappy family life?

■ Experts continue to argue about the impact of the entertainment industry on children, especially in terms of violence and sex. Explain your stand here?

■ What are the most pressing causes of violence among youth? Some critics place the bulk of the responsibility for youth violence on adults. Do you agree? Are there any other causes for violence among youth?

■ What disappointments, resentments, and hurts do you retain from your childhood that you are sure you will never inflict on your own children? How can you be sure?

■ We usually expect from a journalist an unbiased version of the events. Isnít it just utopia as we are all prejudiced because of our culture, education, family background?

■ We often dream about harmony in global community. What do you think can bring harmony in the society?

■ What is your attitude to censorship? What are some situations in which censorship acquires the status of imperative? Who has the authority to censor? What do you think of self-censorship?


Creative Consolidation




- Devise a community beneficial enterprise. Be ready to present it to the municipal committee and speak about its advantages - both social and economic. Take into account the population profile of the community (old age pensioners, young families, high proportion of the unemployed etc.)

- Devise a program consolidating the society without ruining its diversity on the a) local, b) regional, c) national level. Be ready to present your project.

- Devise a program to check violence on the a) community, b) regional, c) national level. Be ready to present it.


2. Write an article about:

a) the necessity of introducing community standards;

b) the impossibility of demanding community standards, which is equal to censorship;

c) the impossibility of rejecting the past which is the way to the abyss of self-destruction of the nation;

d) the necessity of denouncing the past to be able to create a new society;

e) the balance between the freedom to exercise religion and unprecedented proliferation of religious sects;

f) the controversy over the introduction of religious education at school (pros and cons);

g) the controversy over the introduction of censorship.


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