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Find the following expressions in the text and explain their meaning.

resort to strain theory, segregated from the rest of the society, take solace in the knowledge, is engendered in, sustaining the shared identity, dispersal of the population to the suburbs, growing affluence, give rise to project crime, an epitome of cool, white-collar crime, violations of trust, in the fit of insanity, making amends, be overcome by greed and temptation.

Match the words with their definitions.

1. drift 2. injunction 3. inhibit 4. alter 5. locale 6. law-abiding 7. petty 8. brutal 9. deviance 10. concept 11. refute 12. impel a. the place where something happens b. change c. small, unimportant d. a slow and gradual change e. make difficult f. force to do something g. behavior different from the norm h. extremely violent i. to prove a statement is wrong j. an idea of something existing k. an order from someone in command l. obeying the rules of the society

4. Answer the questions.

● What do you think the essence of strain theory might be?

● Why do researchers take solace in the knowledge that crime is engendered in the underprivileged world? What is the implication of this statement?

● Why has the underworld been altered?

● How has crime character changed?

● What is project crime?

● What is white-collar crime? Why does any mentioning of it cause many researches’ vehement reaction?

5. Speak about roots of crime in our country. Are they absolutely similar to those mentioned in the article?

C. Vocabulary in Focus

Choose the correct answer.

1. He was charged with a ……... of currency regulations.

a. break b. breach c. disrespect d. observance

2. Our insurance policy offers………. against the risk of burglary, accident or damage by fire.

a. care b. cover c. relief d. security

3. He was arrested for trying to pass ………notes at the bank.

a. camouflaged b. counterfeit c. fake d. fraudulent

4. Smugglers consistently ……… import regulations.

a. break b. flaunt c. float d. flout

5. Mr. Black was ………. twenty pounds for drinking and driving.

a. charged b. fined c. ordered d. penalized

6. If the terrorists are not sent to prison, there will be a public …….

a. attack b. onslaught c. outcry d. recrimination

7. The judge recommended more human forms of punishment for juvenile ………

a. convicts b. delinquents c. sinners d. villains

8. Mr. Syere was charged with ……… the funds of the organization.

a. misappropriating b. mislaying c. mistaking d. misplacing

9. The girl was arrested for shoplifting but she got off the ……… by explaining that she was mentally ill.

a. case b. suspicion c. hook d. rope

10. Tom was dropped from the golf club because he failed to ………. by the rules.

a. abide b. comply c. behave d. obey

D. Listening and Watching

² Watch multimedia program 1753 and be ready to discuss them.

E. Creative Consolidation

Make a synthetic review of the information in the article and multimedia program, supporting it with relevant data from Russian sources.

2. Some researchers today contend that films provide criminals with ready–made plans for project crime. Write an essay on the influence of mass media stimulating violence and crime.


Develop one of the following issues. Devise practical steps.

 Possible ways of criminals’ rehabilitation.

 The necessity of medical rehabilitation for those involved in white-collar crime.

 The demand for more severe punishment for those involved in white-collar crime as it should be regarded as the most heinous infringement of law, involving violation of trust.

 The involvement of businesses in prevention juvenile crime.

Raise the Issue

➢ The problem of drug abuse has become extremely topical worldwide. No country or stratum of society is immune from its malicious effects. Why has it happened?

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