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Undergraduate Grading Guidelines

BSN 402

Quarter/Year: SPRING/2013 Instructor: Elena Volovyk

Email: elenavolovyk@ukr.net Credit Hours: 3

Course Description

This course introduces an analysis of marketing problems and techniques relating to management and marketing in the profitable operation of a business enterprise. Attention is given to evaluating consumers, needs, product strategy, distribution strategy, promotion strategy, and price determination.

Course Objectives

To provide students with a background regarding the theory and development of marketing; to include the concept of the organizational orientation;

To introduce students to the concept of integrated marketing and the role of marketing in an organization;

3. To develop students’ understanding of the marketing mix and the interactive nature of the 4 Ps (price, product, promotion, and place);

To familiarize students with the methodology of marketing research operations;

To provide an introductory grounding to marketing planning and international marketing.


Students should plan to communicate with the professor and with other classmates regularly throughout the course. For individual issues, students should contact the professor directly by e-mail. In the Subject line they should put: MarketingFirstNameLastName. E-mail messages will normally be answered within 48 hours. The mail without a subject line in the required format will be interpreted as spam and deleted without reading.

Student Responsibilities

Time Commitment

Past experience has shown a high correlation between procrastination and low grades. Furthermore, procrastination will severely limit interaction with other students. Students must be committed to completing tasks on time.

This course will require3-4 hours per week outside of the classroom (the actual amount is dependent on each student’s background). This requirement may influence the time allotted to other classes. A student with a "heavy" schedule (school combined with work and family) should be aware of the dedication that this course requires. These factors cannot be used for special consideration on assignment due dates in the class; therefore, the students must evaluate this requirement before proceeding with the course.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is critical; participation of all students in the classroom activities is essential to this learning format. Students should be aware that attendance does not guarantee a passing grade in the class. Students missing more than TWO classes in courses that meet once per week will receive a failing grade. The student may file a drop form within the appropriate time frame through the office of the Registrar to avoid a failing grade.

Note: The failing grade issued will be an F. Students may be required to retake courses to complete program requirements.

Grading Policy

The course is based on mastery of course outcomes. The student's grade for this course will be calculated based on performance.

Undergraduate Grading Guidelines

The assignment of a letter grade for a course is an indication of the student’s overall success in achieving the learning outcomes for the course. The course letter grade may be viewed as a summary statement of the student’s achievement in individual assessments (assignments & activities). These assessments are intended to identify for students their strengths as well as those areas in need of improvement. Student work is assessed according to the guidelines below.

Course-level Grading guidelines:

A 90 – 100% of the total possible points earned for the course
B 80 – 89% of the total possible points earned for the course
C 70 – 79 % of the total possible points earned for the course
D 60 – 69 % of the total possible points earned for the course
E 50 – 59 % of the total possible points earned for the course
F < 50 % of the total possible points earned for the course

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