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I often (to have) a lot of work to do at home.

A) have

B) is having

C) has

D) having

E) was having


223. your mother like cooking?

A) Do

B) Does

C) Has

D) Have

E) Is


224. What time you get up?

A) do

B) does

C) has

D) have

E) is

225. Mr.Brown live in this house.

A) isnt live

B) dont live

C) arent live

D) doesnt live

E) lives not


226. Harry TV every evening.

A) is watching

B) watch

C) watches

D) to watch

E) are watching


227. My friend and I to read English books.

A) like

B) likes

C) doesnt like

D) didnt like

E) to like

228. It often snows in Kazakhstan, ?

A) isnt it

B) didnt it

C) arent it

D) dont it

E) doesnt it


229. you speak Italian? Yes, I .

A) do / does

B) am / do

C) do / am

D) does / do

E) do / do

230. Pete never to work by bus.

A) go

B) do goes

C) to go

D) does

E) goes

Run downstairs. Your sister ( to wait ) for you.

A) waits

B) is waiting

C) waited

D) are waiting

E) wait


232. What he (to do ) at the moment?

A) are doing

B) is doing

C) doing

D) were doing

E) does doing


233. Listen! Somebody ( to sing ) a lovely song.

A) sings

B) sang

C) is singing

D) was sanging

E) are singing


234. Lets go for a walk. It ( to rain ) now.

A) not raining

B) are not raining

C) rains;

D) is not raining

E) rained


Kate still ( to work ) in the garden.

A) are working

B) is working

C) works

D) worked

E) am working


236. What (to be) she doing now?

A) does

B) are

C) is

D) did

E) am


I (to be) writing a letter .

A) am

B) are

C) do

D) does

E) did


238. Please, be quiet! The baby (to sleep).

A) is sleeping

B) is sleep

C) sleeping

D) sleeps

E) are sleeping


239. I am busy now, I to the radio.

A) am listening

B) listen

C) listening

D) am listen

E) to listening


240. Look! The kitten is with its tail.

A) to play

B) plays

C) to playing

D) playing

E) play

John (to have) lunch in the cafeteria now.

A) is have

B) is having

C) are having

D) am having

E) to have


242. They say they in Europe at present.

A) are travelling

B) is travelling

C) am travelling

D) are travel

E) to travelling

243. No, I the newspaper at the moment.

A) am not reading

B) do not reading

C) are not reading

D) does not read

E) not reading


244. The sky is getting very dark, ?

A) wasnt it

B) arent it

C) dont it

D) doesnt it

E) isnt it


I think the telephone (to ring).

A) am ringing

B) are ringing

C) is ring

D) is ringing

E) to ringing

246. My home is my .

) prison

B) museum

C) home

D) castle

E) house

247. There is place like home.

) any

B) some

C) no

D) none

E) not


248. No bees no honey, no no money.

) job

B) work

C) help

D) works

E) to work


249. All the lead to Rome.

) road

B) roads

C) ways

D) streets

E) way

250. Life is not all and ale.

) cake

B) sweets

C) pies

D) candies

E) cakes


251. Better than never.

) more late

B) most late

C) late

D) later

E) latest

252. If you cant have , make of what you have.

) the best / better

B) better / good

C) the best / the best

D) well / better

E) better / the best


253. Art is , life is .

) short /long

B) longer/ long

C) shorter /short

D) long / short

E) long /long


) may be deceitful.

) an appearance

B) Appear

C) Appearances

D) to appearances

E) to appear


255. So many countries, so many .

) habits

B) people

C) men

D) customs

E) ways


256. A good makes a good ending.

) beginnings

B) beginning

C) to beginning

D) begin

E) to begin



) A cat has nine lives.

B) After dinner sleep awhile, after supper walk awhile.

C) No man is a prophet in his own country.

D) An idle brain is the devils workshop.

E) Two heads are better than two.


258. East or West, .

) house is best

B) home is better

C) home is best

D) home is good

E) home is well


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