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A) We have the ten pencils.

B) We had ten pencils.

C) We has ten pencils.

D) We have got ten pencils.

E) I have ten pencils.


194. ?

A) Have you some apples?

B) has you the apples?

C) Have you got any apples?

D) Had you the apples?

E) Have we any apples?


195. Helen usually her breakfast at 8 oclock a.m.

A) to have

B) have

C) had been

D) has
E) have been


left his land some years ago, in 1950.

A) Nineteen fifties.

B) Ninety fifteen.

C) Nineteen fifty.

D) The fifty.

E) Ninety fifty.


Three thousand eight hundred and seventy five.

A) 3375.

B) 3575.

C) 3057.

D) 3875.

E) 3777.


198. Write in words: 235

A) two hundreds of thirty five.

B) two hundreds and thirty five.

C) two hundreds thirty five.

D) two hundred and thirty five.

E) two hundred of thirty five.


We go to school at a quarter to eight.

A) 8.45.

B) 8.10.

C) 8.15.

D) 7.45.

E) 7.30.



A) Nine.

B) Twenty.

C) Hundred.

D) Two.

E) Eleven.


201. How do you say the sum $63million?

A) Sixty-three million dollars

B) dollars sixties-three millions

C) dollars sixty-three million

D) Sixty-three millions dollars
E) Sixty and three millions dollars


202. Date: September 30

A) The thirty of September

B) The thirtieth of September

C) September thirteen

D) The thirteenth of September
E) The thirty September


203. twenty + twenty-five =?

A) twenty-five

B) fifty-five

C) sixty-five

D) forty-five
E) seventy-five


204. There are 584 students at the department:

A) five hundred and eighty-four

B) five eighty-four hundred

C) five hundred eighty-four

D) five and hundred eighty-four
E) five hundred eighty-fourth


Two thousand one hundred and twenty-eight

A) 8182

B) 1228

C) 2281

D) 2182
E) 2128


206. Write in words: 101

A) One thousand ones

B) Ones hundreds one

C) One hundred and one

D) One hundreds one
E) One and one hundred


207. Find the right variant: 14 / 10

A) The fourteenth October

B) The October and fourteen

C) The fourteenth of October

D) The fourteen of October

E) The fourteen October


208. How do you say the title: Elizabeth II?

A) Elizabeth the second

B) the second Elizabeth

C) two Elizabeth

D) the two Elizabeth
E) Elizabeth 2


Come to my place at twenty-five minutes

To seven.

A) 7.25

B) 6.35

C) 5.27

D) 7.35

E) 7.15


210. What time is it? - It is a quarter to six.

A) 5.30

B) 5.45

C) 5.15

D) 6.15

E) 6.45


211. It is minutes to twelve:

A) Ten.

B) Tenth.

C) The ten.

D) A ten.

E) The tenth.


212. There are months in a year..

A) twelve

B) twelf

C) twelfth

D) twelfe

E) twelfs


How many minutes are there in an hour

and a half?

A) 60

B) 75

C) 90

D) 45

E) 100


214. February is the month of the year.

A) two

B) second

C) first

D) third

E) twoth


Americans celebrate the Independence

Day on the .

A) fifth of July

B) third of July

C) first of July

D) sixth of July

E) fourth of July


216. Mary mathematics at school.

A) teach

B) teached

C) is teaching

D) teaches

E) are teaching


217. My wife often plum cakes.

A) makes

B) is often making

C) maked

D) are making

E) is making cakes


She lives not far from us, but we ( to see ) him often.

A) not see

B) doesnt see

C) dont see

D) isnt see

E) are not see


219. Can you help me? I ( to know ) the way to the market.

A) am not know

B) not know

C) knowing

D) dont know

E) know


It (to rain) very often in Britain.

A) rains

B) have rain

C) rain

D) has rain

E) will rains


Before you (to leave ) the room you should switch off the light.

A) leave

B) to leave

C) leaves

D) left

E) will leave


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