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University in the world is in Great Britain.

A) the oldest

B) older

C) more old

D) the older

E) old


116. He is a … engineer than Petrov.

A) better

B) near

C) gooder

D) helper

E) smallest

117. That’s … film I have ever seen.

A) a good

B) the best

C) gooder

D) the goodest

E) better


118. This box is … than that one.

A) more heavy

B) heavyer

C) heavier

D) heavy

E) the heaviest


119. She is the … daughter in the family.

A) youngest

B) the younger

C) most young

D) more young

E) younger


120. Jack studies … than Mike.

A) badly

B) badder

C) worst

D) bad

E) worse


121. It was the … day in her life.

A) happiest

B) hapier

C) hapyiest

D) more happyer

E) most happyiest


122. Let’s go by train. It is much … .

A) cheaperest

B) cheaper

C) cheap

D) more cheap

E) the cheapest


123. He has … mistakes than she does.

A) littler

B) littlest

C) little

D) less

E) more little

124. The Amazon is … than the Mississippi.

A) longerest

B) long

C) longer

D) the longest

E) more long.


125. Where is … post-office, please?

A) the nextest

B) the nearest

C) nearest

D) near

E) nearer


126. She is nearly as … as her father.

A) taller

B) more tall

C) tallerer

D) the tallest

E) tall


127. Which do you think is … : a holiday in the country or a holiday in a summer camp.

A) interestinger

B) more interesting

C) interestingerest

D) interesting

E) the most interesting

128. A tiger is as … as a lion.

A) strong

B) the strongest

C) stronger

D) more strong

E) much stronger


129. She is much … than her sister.

A) youngerer

B) young

C) younger

D) youngest

E) youngester


130. He is … of the three brothers.

A) more intelligent.

B) the most intelligent

C) intelligent

D) the more intelligent

E) intelligentest


131. The Mississippi River is the … waterway in the United States.

A) greaterest

B) greatest

C) greater

D) greaterer

E) most greater


132. Good health is … than money.

A) more important

B) the most important

C) important

D) importanter

E) most important


133. The twenty second of December is … day in the year.

A) the short

B) the shorter

C) the shortest

D) shorter

E) short


134. Her mother is always … than her father.

A) busier

B) the busiest

C) more busy

D) busyer

E) busiest


135. Pluto is … of all the planets.

A) cold

B) a colder

C) colder

D) a coldest

E) the coldest


There ( to be ) a big sofa at home last year.

A) were

B) was

C) are

D) is

E) be


There ( to be ) one book and three pens

On the writing-desk.

A) are

B) were

C) is

D) be

E) been


There ( to be ) a great concert at the

Stadium next week.

A) will be

B) was

C) were

D) is

E) are


139. There … about fifty cinemas in the West

End in London.

A) was

B) is

C) be

D) am

E) are


140. We … citizens of Kazakhstan.

A) is

B) are

C) am

D) been

E) be


141. There … some flowers in the vase.

A) be

B) am

C) are

D) was

E) is


142. How much … they?

A) be

B) been

C) am

D) is

E) are


143. What kind of sport … they fond of?

A) is

B) does

C) have

D) are

E) do


144. There … three lamps in the room.

A) are

B) be

C) is

D) am

E) was


145. It … a nice fairy-tale.

A) are

B) am

C) be

D) is

E) been


146. I don’t know why I … so tired.

A) is

B) are

C) am

D) were

E) does


147. I … from Kazakhstan.

A) am

B) be

C) is

D) been

E) are


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