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Dress is too big for you .

A) an

B) those

C) these

D) this

E) -


77. The sky is dark. … ten o’clock already.

A) it is

B) its

C) this is

D) this

E) that


78. Is this … umbrella?

A) him

B) he

C) his

D) he’s

E) he is

79. They can’t see … behind the tree.

A) my

B) I

C) mine

D) me

E) we

80. Do you know … name?

A) she

B) he

C) her

D) she’s

E) hers

81. That is his daughter. How old is …?

A) He

B) She

C) It

D) I

E) we

82. These are books. … are interesting.

A) They


C) She

D) We

E) He


83. Where are … from? … am from Kazakhstan.

A) You / He

B) You / I

C) She / She

D) I / I

E) He / He


84. What is your friend? … is a student.

A) He

B) I

C) We

D) They

E) It


85. This is a bag. … is brown.

A) He

B) I

C) We

D) They

E) It


86. These are my sons. … names are Pete and Jack.

A) His

B) Her

C) Their

D) My

E) Our


87. Where is … watch, Nick?

A) Your

B) Its

C) Their

D) Mine

E) Ours


88. Children, sit down and take … pens.

A) My

B) Their

C) His


E) Her


89. These men are engineers. These are … desks.

A) My

B) Their

C) His

D) Her

E) Our


90. My sister is a house-wife. … name is Jane.

A) His

B) Her

C) Its

D) Their

E) Our


91. This man is my friend. … name is Pete.

A) His

B) Her

C) Its

D) Our

E) Their


University is named after Valikhanov.

A) Our

B) Yours

C) Hers

D) mine

E) Theirs


93. I’d like to buy ... book, please .

A) this

B) these

C) those

D) it's

E) they


Are my sisters Kate and Ann.

A) this

B) she

C) these

D) that

E) them


95. Who are ... people?

A) those

B) this

C) that

D) it's

E) they


96. We often meet … here.

A) I

B) he

C) she

D) they

E) them


97. I have left … dictionary at home. Please,

give me … .

A) you /mine

B) my /yours

C) mine /her

D) my /your

E) hers /yours


98. We are proud of … parents.

A) he

B) she

C) they

D) it

E) our


99. We saw … and … family.

A) his /he

B) her /she

C) him /his

D) he /hers

E) my /mine


100. Could you help …, please.

A) us

B) I

C) you

D) we

E) she


101. She doesn’t like to speak about … .

A) myself

B) yourself

C) yourselves

D) herself

E) himself


102. Be careful! Don’t cut …!

A) oneself

B) yourself

C) herself

D) himself

E) itself


103. Let me tell you about …!

A) myself

B) yourself

C) yourselves

D) herself

E) himself


104. … of you knows English well?

A) what

B) who

C) which

D) when

E) whom


105. … children are these?

A) who

B) when

C) whose

D) whom

E) why


106. My brother is … in our family.

A) elder

B) the oldest

C) the older

D) old

E) the eldest


107. This child is not so … as that one.

A) more small

B) smaller

C) small

D) the smallest

E) most small


108. I need to get a … flat than I have now.

A) the cheapest

B) more cheap

C) the much cheapest

D) cheap

E) cheaper


109. This is … place in the world.

A) the most wonderful

B) most wonderful

C) wonderfuler

D) the more wonderful

E) wonderfulest


110. My car is (fast) than of my friend's.

A) the fastest

B) fastest

C) the faster

D) faster

E) the faster


Your brother is (tall) than you .

A) taller

B) the tallest

C) tall

D) tallest

E) the taller


It was (cold) day of the year .

A) the coldest

B) colder

C) cold

D) coldest

E) the colder


113. Everest is (big) mountain in the world .

A) bigger

B) the biggest

C) big

D) biggest

E) the bigger


114. Did you hear (late) news?

A) the latest

B) the last

C) the late

D) latest

E) laster


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