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Use Case - Ship Order



Basic Course


The Shipping Clerk ensures that the Items listed on the packing slip for the Order match the physical items. The Clerk waves the bar code on the packing slip under the sensor at the shipping station. The system changes the status of the Order to "shipping." Then the system retrieves the Shipping Method that the Customer specified for this Order and displays it on the Shipping Station Console. The Clerk weighs the set of physical items. The Clerk packages the Items. The Clerk attaches a manifest appropriate for the given shipping method. The Clerk waves the bar code on the manifest under the sensor. The Clerk sends the package out via the associated Shipper.



Alternate Course


If the Shipping Clerk finds a mismatch between the Order and the physical items, the Clerk stops processing of the Order until he or she is able to make a match.



List of Associations

Shipping Clerk Communicates with Ship Order

Ship Order Communicates with Shipper

Ship Order Communicates with Shipping Station


Class Diagram - Ship Order Robustness


Interaction Diagram - Ship Order Sequence



Use Case - Track Recent Orders



Basic Course


The system retrieves the Orders that the Customer has placed within the last 30 days and displays these Orders on the Order Tracking Page. Each entry has the Order ID (in the form of a link), the Order date, the Order status, the Order recipient, and the Shipping Method by which the Order was shipped.


The Customer clicks on a link.The system retrieves the relevant contents of the Order, and then displays this information, in view-only mode, on the Order Details Page. The Customer presses OK to return to the Order Tracking Page.


Once the Customer has finished viewing Orders, he or she clicks the Account Maintenance link on the Order Tracking Page. The system returns control to the invoking use case.



Alternate Course


If the Customer has not placed any Orders within the last 30 days, the system displays a message to that effect on the Order Tracking Page.



List of Associations

Customer Communicates with Track Recent Orders


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