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Gang wars kill 33 in Mexican city UK news

South-East Asian leaders meet for new talks health

Mobile phone company makes bid for rival reviews

Education spending key to next election world news

JK Rowling launches 'mystery' site science/technology

A magical performance education

Poor results force England's cricket captain to quit entertainment

I like reading the entertainment section the most.

I never read the business and politics sections, because I'm not interested in them. It seems to me that they are too boring.

b) The following words often appear in newspaper headlines. Match them to their meanings.

1.bid a) to try to buy/take over smth 2. key b) reduce

3. cut c) affect smb/smth badly

4. back d) formal discussions

5. hit e) resign

6. quit f) the important factor

7. talks g) support

c) Find the above words in the headlines in Ex. 1 a), rewrite each headline without using these words.

Spanish police website hitby Anonymous hackers. - Spanish police website has been badly affected by Anonymous hackers.


2. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the following questions:

a) How often do you buy/read a newspaper? Is it a daily or a weekly paper? Is it a tabloid or a broadsheet? Why do you choose them? Do you know the difference between a magazine and a journal?

b) How often do you watch TV? What are your favourite channels? Which of the programmes below do you enjoy/dislike watching on TV? Explain why.


Documentaries Reality shows

Sports coverage Cartoons

Sitcoms Game shows

Soap operas Adverts

Educational programmes News coverage


c) Find some information about a TV channel you like the most. Pay attention to: programmes it features, its target audience, some interesting facts about it. Don't forget to mention why you've chosen this particular channel for your description.


3. Look at the pictures. Match them with the film genres below. Think of other films that could be classified as a) animated; b) action, etc. Then make up dialogues, as in the example.

a) an animated film; b) an action film; c) a romance; d) a science-fiction film; e) a fantasy film; f) a thriller;



A: Is there anything good on TV tonight?

B: Let's see... I think that action film is worth watching/I'd like to watch that action film. etc.

A: Which one?

B:'Tears of the sun' with Bruce Willis. The newspaper says it's exciting/interesting/thrilling/fascinating... etc.

A: It sounds rather interesting. What time does it start?/I don't think so, it's not my style/ Frankly speaking, I don't like action films. Do you have any other suggestions? etc.


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