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Ex.3. Circle the alternative that best fits each of the gaps in this text. The first one (0) has been done for you.

The media.

Lately I seem to be so tired at the (0) end of the day that I cant even manage to read the (1) in the newspaper before I start to fall asleep. I used to read the papers from cover to cover and discuss the stories, articles and the (2) with my colleagues at work the next day. I also used to enjoy doing the crossword (3) at the back of the newspaper and I used to get a laugh out of some of the (4) .Of course I always buy quality papers and not those dreadful things full of gossip and (5) .. . It seems incredible to me that they have (6). figures in the millions when they really are rubbish.

I dont watch much TV though there seem to be more and more (7) to choose from all the time. Unfortunately, you have to pay or buy a special (8) to receive most of them. They do have some good films and some really excellent(9) so I am sometimes tempted to spend the extra money. On the other hand, there is so (10).. information available on the Internet that TV will probably disappear altogether in a few years time. Ive got a computer with an Internet connection and I spend quite a lot of time looking for information about the various (11)that interest me.

I also still listen to a lot of news (12).. on the radio and this lets me keep up with whats going on in the world. One thing that annoys me though is that the (13) seem to change all the time and sometimes I have a lot of trouble finding my favourite station. Of course the problem could be that I havent got the (14) in the right position. That reminds me. I must remember to get some new 15) I could hardly hear a thing when I tried to tune in this morning so they must be running out.

0 A ending B final C end D finish

A headings B titles C captions ( ) D headlines
A opinion B editorial C comment D criticism
A games B tasks C puzzles D activities
A drawings B cartoons () C comics D sketches
A scandal B dishonour C embarrassment D shame
A selling B distribution C issue D circulation
A canals B chains C channels D numbers
A antenna B plate C disk D pole
A documents B documentaries C documentals D documented
A many B a lot C much D a deal
A matters B subjects C themes D sections
A broadcasts B publications C announcements Dproclamations
A positions B frequencies C channels D routes
A aerial B control C battery D dial
A batteries B charges C pills D electricity


Ex. 3. For questions 1-10 read the text below. Use the word in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning(0).


Many people find their work rather (0)boring I get a lot of (1) from my job. Advertising can be very (2).. because you have to think of new ways to attract peoples (3) . The best way to do this is be surprising them. (4).. is boring and people soon get fed up with an (5). they have seen many times before. (6).. they want to be shocked. Apart from (7).., the other really important (8)of good campaign is (9).. . After all if people dont remember what was being advertised, they wont buy the (10). BORE SATISFY CREATE ATTEND FAMILIAR ADVERTISE CPONSCIOUS ORIGINAL CHARACTER MEMORABLE PRODUCE



2/ creative











You are going to read a periodical, e.g. a newspaper. How would you prefer to get it?

You may choose from:

Subscribing for a year

Arranging monthly subscription

Buying it at a newsagents

Subscribing to the Internet version


Subscribing for a year *You have to pay a good deal of money bat a time *If you dont find the paper suitable you cant change your mind You receive it at the same address and it is inconvenient if you move or travel a lot You save money if you subscribe because it is cheaper *you can always be sure about receiving it on time * You dont have to worry about buying it every day
Monthly subscription It will take time and trouble to renew the subscription regularly *You may not always find enough money before the subscription deadline The price may rise during the year You can easily change the subscription if your address changes If you dont like the paper there is no problem quitting You dont need much money at a time to pay for the subscription
Buying it a newsagents You will always have to buy it on time in case the newsagent runs out of what you need *Buying the paper is usually considerably more expensive than subscribing You may not have a news stall nearby *You dont have to be bound to the place where you get it You can consult the newsman whats worth buying today You can easily switch from one newspaper to another it you feel like it
Subscribing to the Internet version Reading from a computer screen is tiring for your eyes You always need to have Internet access to read it There are all the same drawbacks as with the usual subscription You can receive fresh reports faster than on papers You can read it anywhere where there is access to the Internet Internet version usually offer extra services e/g/ most recent news stories


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