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TASK 1. A-F, .

1. Russias big oil companies are brushing up their corporate act, helping attract much-needed investment and improving the overall outlook for the countrys stock market. A. CRIME NEWS
2. A 41-year old Austrian national has been found dead in his Moscow apartment, police said Thursday. He had been stabbed three times. B. JOB OPPORTUNITIES
3. Alexander Semenov is a man who wears many hats. A famous theatre artist who has designed costumes all over the world, he is also a well-known fashion historian whose antique wardrobe collection consists of 600 costumes, 300 accessories and archive of 15,000 photographs. C. REAL ESTATE
4. Restaurant manager with European/American catering background wanted on Russian deluxe cruise ship. Supervise/ consult restaurant staff to maintain Western service for American Passengers D. APPOINTMENT
5. LONDON-Three-time champions Italy and Germany marched even closer to nest years World Cup finals with high-scoring qualifying victories Wednesday E. COOKS CORNER
6. Slice the baguette crosswise into thin rounds. Spread a bread slice generously with mayonnaise, top with an onion slice, sprinkle with salt and pepper and place on a baking tray. Serve hot. F. READERS LETTERS TO A MAGAZINE
7. To find comfortable and affordable long-term accommodations in the worlds most exciting city, give us a call. We have complete listing of apartments in all of Moscows most desirable regions. G. PROFILE
8. Alexei Panin has been appointed vice president of Probiznesbank. He previously, held the post of director of the loan department for Probiznesbank. H. SPORTS
9. My family knew that sooner or later, it would happen. For us, it wasnt an unpleasant surprise because the media announced it ahead of time. So, we were ready for July 15. Life is becoming more expensive and no one can help it. I. ECONOMIC NEWS














EX.1. Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with an appropriate word. You have been given the exact number of letters in each case.

1. Are there any interesting head- - - - - in todays paper? (headlines)

2. Mikes a jour- n- - - - for a local newspaper. (journalist)

3. The cros- - - - - and the cart- - - - are the only parts I look at in the paper.( crossword/cartoons)

4. Do you know that paper has a circu- - - - - - of over 3 million a day? (circulation)

5. Did you read the edit- - - - - in the paper today? I agreed with every word it said. (editorial)( )

6. I hate the way the papers seem to be so full of gos- - - and sca- - - - these days. (gossip/scandal)

7. What freq- - - - - is the BBC World Service on? (frequency)

8. I listen to my local radio sta- - - - a lot. It has great music and regular news broad- - - - - .(station/ broadcasts)

9. Do you know how many television chan- - - - they have in the United States? (channels)

10. The picture on our TV isnt very good. Perhaps we should move the aer- - - . (aerial)

11. Give me the rem- - - con- - - - ! I hate the way you keep changing what we are watching!(remote control)

12. Let me phone you back. My favourite so- - is just starting and I never miss it. (soap)


Ex: 2.For questions 1-15 read the text below and decide which answer, A, B, C or D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

A telling B saying C reporting D announcing


Good evening. This is Jana Hingis (0) reporting from Laguana. The(1) rains that have affected the north of the country have produced serious (2) .The Minister for Agriculture said in a statement that the situation is now (3)..control. (4)food supplies have been dropped by helicopter to families who were (5).. to get to distributions centres. Local charities have also provided clothes and (6)shelter for victims of the disaster.

In the south, the (7) continues to force thousands of refugees to head north. Many of these people are suffering from (8) and are weak from months of famine. International aid organizations are trying to (9) them with essential food supplies, but the civil war is (10) the job of these organizations extremely difficult.

In neighbouring Kwilulia the cholera epidemic is spreading as a (11)of lack of medicine and clean water. The Ministry of Health has issued a (12) to all people planning to visit Kwilulia to make sure they are inoculated (13)cholera. The extreme temperatures and the high levels of (14) .. are not helping the situation. A United Nations spokesman said this (15) turn out to be one of the worst epidemics in the countrys history.


1. A thick B dense C heavy D strong
2. A inundations B flooding C waters D overflows
3. A under B below C out D away
4. A Urgency B Danger C Casualty D Emergency
5. A unable B impossible C unwilling D uncertain
6. A part-time B partial C half-time D temporary
7. A dry B draft C drought D draught
8. A injuries B damages C diseases D hurts
9. A get B reach C arrive D make
10. A having B putting C doing D making
11. A because B result C reason D cause
12. A advice B announcement C warning D advertisement
13. A for B against C after D by
14. A damp B humidity C wet D drizzle
15. A should B must C can D could



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Look at the headlines and try to explain what the story behind them might have been and comment on it. | Ex.3. Circle the alternative that best fits each of the gaps in this text. The first one (0) has been done for you.
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