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Various names serving to Magicall speeches.

Moreover they did call those governors of the world, (as Hermes calls them) Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun,

Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, by many names, and epithites; viz. calling Saturn Coelius, sithe-bearer

[scythe-bearer], the father of the Gods, the Lord of the time, the high Lord, the great, the wise, the intelligent,

ingenious revolutor, of a long space, an old man of great profundity, the author of secret contemplation,

impressing, or depressing great thoughts in the hearts of men, destroying and preserving all things,

overturning force and power, and constituting, a keeper of secret things, and a shewer of them, causing the

loss, and finding of the author of life and death. So Jupiter is called as it were a helping Father, the King of

heaven, Magnanimous, thundering, lightning, unconquered, high and mighty, great and mighty, good,

fortunate, sweet, mild, of good will, honest, pure, walking well, and in honour, the Lord of joy and of

judgements, wise, true, the shewer of truth, the judge of all things, excelling all in goodness, the Lord of

riches, and wisdome. Mars is called Mavors, powerfull in war, bloody, powerfull in arms, a sword-bearer,

magnanimous, bold, untamed, generous, lightning, of great power and furious hast [haste], against whom

none can defend himself if he resist him, who destroyes the strong, and powerfull, and deposeth Kings from

their thrones, the Lord of heat and power, the Lord of fiery heat, and of the planet of blood; who inflames the

hearts of contenders, and gives them boldness. The Sun is called Phæbus, Diespiter, Apollo, Titan, Pean

Phanes, Horus, Osiris, as it is in that Oracle,

The Sun, Osyris [Osiris], Dionysus gay,

Apollo, Horus, King ruling the day

Who changeth times, who giveth winds and rain,

The King of Stars, and the immortall flame.

He is called also Arcitenens, burning fiery, golden flaming, radiating, of a fiery hair, of a golden hair, the eye

of the world, Lucifer, seeing all things, ruling all things, the creator of light, the King of Stars, the great Lord,

good, fortunate, honest, pure, prudent, intelligent, wise, shining over the whole world, governing, and

vivifying all bodies that have a soul, the prince of the world keeping all the Stars under himself, the light of

all the Stars, darkening, burning, overcoming their vertue by his approach, yet by his light and splendor

giving light and splendor to all things: in the night he is called Dionysius, but in the day Apollo, as if driving

away evill things. Therefore the Athenians called him Alexicacon, and Homer Vlion, i.e. the driver away of

evil things. He is also called Phæbus from his beauty and brightness, and Vulcan from his fiery violence,

because the force thereof consists of many fires. He is also called the Sun, because he contains the light of all

the Stars: hence he is called by the Assyrians êàãà Adad, which signifies only, and by the Hebrews ùîù

Schemesch, which signifies proper. Venus is called the Lady, nourishing, beautifull, white, fair, pleasing,

powerfull, the fruitfull Lady of love and beauty, the progeny of Ages, the first parent of men, who in the

beginning of all things joyned diversity of sexes together with a growing love, and with an eternall off-spring

propagates kinds of men and Animals, the queen of all delights, the Lady of rejoycing, friendly, sociable,

pittifull, taking all things in good part, alwaies bountifull to mortals, affording the tender affection of a

mother to the conditions of them in misery, the safegard of mankind, letting no moment of time pass without

doing good, overcoming all things by her power, humbling the high to the low, the strong to the weak, the

noble to the vile, rectifying, and equalling all things: and she is called Aphrodite, because in every sexe, she

is found to be of every mind: and she is called Lucifera, i.e. bringing light, bringing the yeers of the Sun to

light; and she is called Hesperus, when she follows the Sun, and Phosperus, because she leads through all

things though never so hard. Mercury is called the son of Jupiter, the cryer of the gods, the interpreter of

gods, Stilbon, the Serpent-bearer, the rod-bearer, winged on his feet, eloquent, bringer of gain, wise, rationall

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa: Occult Philosophy. Book II. (Part 4, excerpts)

file:///M|/ PDF-Bücher/Esoterik & Magie/HTML/Agrippa2/agripp2d.htm (14 von 17) [20.02.2001 16:12:24]

robust, stout, powerfull in good and evil, the notary of the Sun, the messenger of Jupiter, the messenger

betwixt the supernall and infernall gods, male with males, female with females, most fruitfull in both sexes;

and Lucan cals him the Arbitrator of the gods. He is also called Hermes i.e. interpreter, bringing to light all

obscurity, and opening those things which are most secret. The Moon is called Phebe, Diana, Lucina,

Proserpina, Hecate, Menstruous, of a half form, giving light in the night, wandring silent, having two horns,

a preserver, a night-walker, horn-bearer, the queen of heaven, the chiefest of the Deities, the first of the

heavenly gods and goddesses, the queen of spirits, the mistris [mistress] of all the Elements, whom the stars

answer, seasons return, Elements serve; at whose nod lightnings breath forth, seeds bud, plants increase, the

initiall parent of fruit, the sister of Phæbus, light, and shining, carrying light from one planet to another,

enlightening all powers by its light, restraining the various passings of the Stars, dispensing various lights by

the circuits of the Sun, the Lady of great beauty, the mistris of rain and waters, the giver of riches, the nurse

of mankind, the governor of all States, kind, mercifull, protecting men by Sea and land, mitigating all

tempests of fortune, dispensing with fate, nourishing all things growing on the earth, wandering into divers

woods, restraining the rage of Goblins, shutting the openings of the earth, dispensing the light of the Heaven,

the wholsome rivers of the Sea, and the deplored silence of the infernals, by its nods; ruling the world,

treading hell under her feet; of whose majesty the birds hasting in the Aire are affraid, the wild beasts

straggling in the mountains, Serpents lying hid in the ground, fishes swiming in the Sea; But of these and the

like names of Stars and planets, and their Epithites [epithets], Sirnames [surnames], and callings upon, he

that will know more, and make more curious enquiry, must betake himself to the hymnes of Orpheus, which

he that truely understands, hath attained to a great understanding of naturall Magick.

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