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Hierarchy of the graphic software.

The computer graphics is the science which subject of study is creation, storage and processing of models and their images by means of a computer, i.e. it is the section of informatics which takes up the problems of obtaining different images (figures, drawings, animation) on the computer.

In computer graphics the following tasks are considered:

• Submission of the image in computer graphics;

• Preparation of the image for visualization;

• Image creation;

• Implementation of actions with the image.

Computer graphics is normally understood as an automation of processes of preparation, conversion, storage and reproduction of the graphic information by means of the computer. The graphic information is understood as models of objects and their image

It distinguishes three types of computer graphics. They are bitmap graphics, vector graphics and fractal graphics. They differ image generation principles in case of display on the screen of the monitor or when printing on paper.

Raster method – the image is represented in the form of a set of the colored points. Bitmap graphics apply by development of electronic (multimedia) and polygraph issuing. The illustrations are executed by means of bitmap graphics; rarely create manually by means of computer programs. More often for this purpose is used the scanned illustrations prepared by artists, or photos. Recently for input of bitmap images in the computer digital photos and video cameras found wide application.

The majority of the graphic editors are intended for operation with raster illustrations, which are not oriented on creation of images, but on their processing. On the Internet while only raster illustrations are applied.

Vectorial method is a method of submission of the image in the form of set of segments, arcs and etc. In this case the vector is the data set, characterizing any object.

Software for operation with vector graphics is intended, first of all, for clip art drawing and to a lesser extent for their processing. This means widely usage in advertizing agencies, design bureaus, editions and publishing houses. The design operations based on application of fonts and the elementary geometrical elements are solved means of vector graphics much more simply.

Comparative characteristic of bitmap and vector graphics

Software for operation with fractal graphics are intended for automatic generation of images by a way of mathematical calculations. Creation of fractal art composition doesn’t consist of drawing or design, but in programming.

The fractal graphics, as well as vectorial – calculated, but differs from it that no objects are stored in memory of the computer. The image is built on the equation (or on system of equations) therefore anything, except a formula, it is not necessary to store.

Changing coefficients in the equation, it is possible to receive absolutely other pattern. Ability of fractal graphics to simulate images of wildlife a computing way is often used for automatic generation of unusual illustrations.

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