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Input-output devices.

The input-output device a component of standard architecture of the Computer giving the computer interaction opportunity with the outside world and, in particular, with users and other computers.

The computer communicates with the outside world by means of peripherals. Only thanks to peripherals people can cooperate with the computer, and also with all devices connected to it. Any connected peripheral during every moment of time can be occupied with performance of the work charged to it or to stay waiting for a new task. Influence of speed of operation of peripherals on overall performance with the computer isn't less than speed of operation of its central processor. Speed of operation of external devices doesn't depend on speed of the processor.

The input equipment will transform information to a form clear to the car then the computer can process and remember it. The output equipment transfers information from machine representation to images, clear to the person. On drawing 4.6 classification of the input equipment is given.


Fig 4.2 Classification of the input equipment


Output equipment.

Deduced information can be displayed in a graphic form, monitors, printers or plotter. Information can be reproduced also in the form of sounds by means of acoustic columns or headphones, it is registered in the form of tactile feelings in technology of virtual reality, it extends in the form of operating signals of the device of automatic equipment, it is transferred in the form of electric signals on a network.

The monitor (display) is the main output equipment of graphic information. The monitor the device of visual representation of data. This main output equipment, but not only thing.

To receiving copies of the image on paper apply printers which are classified:

on a way of obtaining the image: warranty, matrix, jet, laser and thermal;

on a way of formation of the image: consecutive, lower case, page;

on a way of the press: shock, unaccented;

on chromaticity: black-and-white, color.

Plotter (graph plotter) is a device for display of vector images on paper, a tracing-paper, a film and other similar materials. Plotters are supplied with replaceable writing knots which can move along paper in the longitudinal and cross-section directions. Color feathers or knifes can be inserted into writing knot for paper. Graph plotters can be tiny, and can be so big that it is possible to draw a body of the car or a plane detail full-scale on them.

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