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Enclosing printed order form


Roberts Import Company

Av. Rio Branco 278

Grupo 506

Rio de Janeiro

Farmers Fruit Products

Taunton, Somerset


30th November, 19_


Dear Sirs,

Our Order for Marmalade

In reply to your letter of 22nd November, we thank you for allowing us a special discount. This makes it possible for us to place an order and to expect quite good sales.

We have pleasure in enclosing our Order No. 732/AS, and would ask you to return the duplicate to us, duly signed, as an acknowledgement.

Yours faithfully,

Carlos Santos

Enc. Order No. 732/AS

Roberts Import Company
  Av. Rio Branco 278
  Grupo 506
  Rio de Janeiro
ORDER No. 732/AS
  (Please quote this
  number on all
Farmers Fruit Products  
Taunton, Somerset  
  30th November, 19_
Please supply  
Quantity Unit Description Currency and price
Bm5,000 1 lb jars Orange marmalade Cruzerios 3.5 each
  quality A2
Delivery: by 10th December, 19_
Method of transport: Shipment
Marks: RIC
Payment: Half the amount on receipt of consignment,
  remainder within 30 days
Discount: 5% special discount
  2% cash discount
  p.p. Chief Buyer
  Roberts Import Company ■ Please sign the duplicate of this order and return it to us as the acknowledgment

Enclosing an acknowledgement


Taunton, Somerset


Roberts Import Company

Av. Rio Branco278

Grupo 506

Rio de Janeiro

8th December, 19_

Dear Sirs.

Thank you very much for your Order No. 732/AS dated 30th November. As requested we enclose the copy, duly signed, as order acknowledgement.

Ourdispatch department is processing your order today, and will let you know when the consignment will reach you.

We confidently hope that you will have a good turnover, and that you willbe able to place repeat orders with us in the near future.





2. The verbs in the box can all be used with the noun 'order'. Choose the best verb to complete each sentence. Use each verb only once, and in the correct form.

confirm refuse ship despatch
place make up cancel acknowledge

1 We would like to _______an order with you for 5,000 units.

2 As we are unable to supply the quantity you asked for, we would have no objection if you preferred to_________your order.

3 I am writing to_________your order, which we received this morning, for 20 'Omega Engines'.

4 We are pleased to inform you that your order K451 has already been _______from our depot.

5 Please_________your order in writing, so that we can inform our distribution depot.

6 Your order was_______yesterday on the MV Oxford.

7 Unfortunately, we shall have to________your order unless payment is settled in cash.

8 I would like to reassure you that your order will be _____ in our depot by staff who have experience in handling these delicate materials.


3. In this email Mr Takahashi is placing an order, but the sentences have become confused. Rewrite the email with the sentences in the correct order, starting new paragraphs where appropriate.

To: Daniel Causio

Subject: No. 49301 /231

1 Best wishes

2. If some of the items are out of stock, please do not send substitutes.

3 When you send the order, please make sure all cartons are clearly labelled with our logo and numbered.

4 I can confirm that the 10% quantity discount off net prices that you offered is acceptable.

5 Dear Sig. Causio

6 I attach our order No. 49301 /231 for the selection of shirts, trousers, and jackets which we discussed on the phone yesterday.

7 Kosaburo Takahashi

8 As agreed, we will pay by letter of credit I have already arranged this with the bank.

9 Please note the order must be here by 10 April, in time for new season.

10 As soon as the bank hands over the shipping documents, the credit will be released.


4. Acknowledging an order

There are no capitals, punctuation, or paragraphs in this email acknowledging an order. Write it out correctly. Divide the body of the email into two paragraphs.

To: Georges Delmas


Subject: Your order No. R497

dear m delmas

thank you for your order (no r497) which we are at present making up the instruments will be packed individually in 8 crates numbered and marked with our logo they will be sent airfreight cif marseille to reach you no later than 18 may our invoice showing the 12% trade and 3% quantity discounts the insurance certificate and the air waybill will be sent to the bank of marseille as requested

harald kjaer

sales manager

dansk industries, kongens nytorv 1, dk-1050 kobenhavn

tel: +45 367521

fax: +45 367522

email: hkjaer@dansk.co.de

7 may 20


5. Delay in delivery. Read this extract from a fax apologizing for a delayed delivery, and choose the

best words from the options in brackets.

Further to our telephone conversation on Friday, I am writing to you l_(affecting, concerning, changing) your order, No. SX1940, which was I__(sold, made, placed) with us on 10 January. Once again, I must 1-- (regret, apologize, speak) for the delay in processing this order. This was due to a staffing

4__(shortage, fault, malfunction). However, since I spoke to you, we have 5___(dismissed, promoted, taken on) four new employees at our depot, and I am pleased to tell you that your order is now ready

for despatch. It will 6- (arrive, deliver, reach) you within five working days. Special 7___(care, attention, caution) has been taken to ensure that the 8____(toad, crates, consignment) has been packed

9___ (meeting, according, serving) to your requirements. Each item will be individually wrapped to 10 _____ (prevent,cause,stop)damage.


6. Refusing an order All the sentences below give reasons for refusing an order. Match the

sentences in column A with sentences in column with similar meanings. Then put a tick by the sentences which are most suitable for business correspondence.

Column A

1 We don't make this product now because people don't buy enough of it.

2 We can't sell you anything unless you pay cash.

3 We cannot offer the discount you suggest as our profit margins are extremely low.

4 We can't possibly fill this huge order: it's more than our total output for at least six months!

5 Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery within five working days.


a Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to supply an order as large as this.

b We can't let you have 15% off because we price our products as cheaply as possible.

There's no way we can deliver in such a short time.

d We have stopped manufacturing this product as there is no longer sufficient demand.

e We regret that we would only be prepared to supply on a cash basis.


7. Make words from the jumbled letters and match them with the definitions below.









1 Person or organization that conveys goods to their destination.

2 Letter accompanying a document or goods, explaining the contents.

3 list of goods or services that states how much must be paid for them.

4 Document informing a customer that a consignment is on its way to them.

5 Payment of an account.

6 Small piece of paper with a company's details on it

7 To send goods by road, rail, air, or sea.

8 Document that gives information about goods sent by air.

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