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Make it clear that there is an order accompanying the letter.

— Please find enclosed our Order No. B4S2ifor2s.

— The enclosed order (No. R154) is for 50 packets ofA4copier paper.

— Thank you for your reply of 14 May regarding our email about the mobile phones. Enclosed you will find our official order (No. β 561) for...


Confirm the terms of payment.

— As agreed you will draw on us at 30 days, D/A with the documents being sent to our bank, The National Mercantile Bank...

— We would like to confirm that payment is to be made by letter of credit, which

Confirm the agreed discounts.

— We would like to thank you for the 30% trade discount and 10% quantity discount you allowed us.

— Finally, we would like to confirm that the 25% trade discount is quite satisfactory.

—Although we anticipated a higher trade discount than 15%, we will place an initial order and hope that the discount can be reviewed in the near future.


Confirm the delivery dates.

— It is essential that the goods are delivered before the beginning of November..

— Delivery before 28 February is a firm condition of this order, and we reserve the right to refuse goods delivered after that time

Methods of delivery

— Please, send the goods by express freight as we need them urgently

— We advise delivery by road to avoid constant handling of this fragile consignment


Advise your supplier how you want the goods packed.

— Each piece of crockery is to be individually wrapped in thick paper, packed in straw, and shipped in wooden crates marked Ξ and numbered 1 to 6.

— The carpets should be wrapped, and the packaging reinforced at both ends to avoid wear.

— The machines must be well greased with all movable parts secured before being loaded into crates, which should be clearly marked with σ our castle logo for easy identification.


— We hope that this will be the first of many orders we place with you.

— We will place further orders if this one is completed to our satisfaction.

— If our sales targets are met, we shall be placing further orders in the near future.

— I look forward to receiving your advice / shipment / acknowledgement / confirmation.


As soon as a supplier receives an order, it should be acknowledged. This can be done by letter, or by email for speed

— Thank you for your order No. 338B which we received today. We are now dealing with it and you may expect delivery within the next three weeks.

— four order No. 6712/1 is now being processed and should be ready for despatch by the end of this week.

When the supplier has made up the order and arranged shipment, the customer is informed by means of an advice note.

— Your order, No. D/154/ς, is already on board the SS Mitsu Mam, sailing from Kobe on 16 May and arriving Tilbury, London, on 11 June. The shipping documents have been forwarded to your bank in London for collection.

— We are pleased to advise you that the watches you ordered-No. 88151/24 - will be on flight BA165 leaving Zurich at 11.00, 9 August, arriving Manchester 13.00. Please find enclosed air waybill dc15161/3 and copies of invoice A113/3, which you will need for collection.

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