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Vocabulary Follow-Up

Ordering in a Restaurant

appetizer N. a small dish at the beginning of a meal, a starter
a chef N. a skilled cook
chives N. a small onion-like herb commonly added to potatoes
chowder N. a kind of soup usually containing fish and vegetables
to come with V. to include (in a meal)
dressing N. a sauce added to salads
an entree N. a main dish
a menu N. a list of dishes available in a restaurant
salmon N. a large fish with silvery skin and pinkish meat
well-done / medium-rare / rare A. adjectives used to describe ways of preparing meat: well done = fully cooked. medium-rare = slightly pink rare = very pink

Vocabulary in Conversation

Waitress: Good evening, are you ready to order, or do you need a little more time?

Tim: Yes, I'm ready to order.

Waitress: Did you notice on our ______ that we have two seafood specials tonight. One is poached ______ and the other is grilled shark.

Tim: That sounds really good, but I think I am going to start with the shrimp cocktail ______. And as for my ________, I think I'll have the New York steak.

Waitress: And, how would you like that steak?

Tim: I'd like that _____. I don't like it when the meat is even a little pink.

Waitress: I'll make sure the _____ prepares it just the way you like it. The New York steak ____ mashed potatoes, a baked potato, or steak fries.

Tim: I'll take the baked potato.

Waitress: Would you like sour cream and _____ on that?

Tim: I'll have sour cream.

Waitress: Your meal also includes a choice of soup or salad.

Tim: What is the soup today?

Waitress: Clam _________ or chicken vegetable.

Tim: I think I'll have the salad instead.

Waitress: What kind of _______ would you like?

Tim: Blue cheese.

Vocabulary Follow-Up

1. She always has Italian ________ on her salad.

2. Gerrie doesn't like most kinds of fish, but she does like ____________.

3. Keith's mom makes the best fish _____ I have ever tasted. She uses shark, corn, potatoes, carrots, onions and peppers.

4. I like my baked potatoes with butter. I don't like sour cream and __________.

5. Gene is studying at a school in Paris to become a ______. He hopes to run his own restaurant.

6. The steak was prepared very ________. It looked like they hadn't even cooked it.

7. That Chinese restaurant has a fantastic selection of dishes on their _________.

8. The meal ________ soup or salad and a dessert afterwards.

9. The __________ at that restaurant are huge. There is no reason to order side dishes or dessert.

10. Buffalo wings, potato skins, and shrimp cocktail are all famous American __________.


1) Complete the following text by filling in the blanks with the appropriate preposition or prepositions. Use the following prepositions: around to, down, in, into, over with, down to, out, out of, up on, at

Becoming a Chef

Becoming a chef isn't easy. It seems like I just cook twenty-four hours a day. From 8 am to 3 pm I work at a restaurant downtown to earn money to pay for cooking school. From 4 pm to 7 pm I have classes, and then I have to take the train home. I don't usually get ____ until after 8 pm and I have to make myself dinner before I start doing my cooking homework. By the time I get ____ doing my assignments, I am exhausted and I can't stand looking at food. Unfortunately I have no choice, I have to practice preparing special dishes for class.

Practicing is constantly a problem; either my roommates are bothering me or the dog is trying to get ____ the food. Yesterday, while I was trying to prepare steak tartar and chocolate mousse, the dog ran into the kitchen and tried to get ____ the counter. I screamed, "Get _____!" but he wouldn't stop. My roommates aren't much better. While I was trying to get the dog ____ the kitchen, my roommate, Fred, showed up and got _____ the bag of chocolate I needed for my mousse. I took one look at him eating my chocolate and yelled, "Get _______!"

By the time I got _____ work, it was after 10 o'clock. I just wanted to get the cooking _____; I didn't even care if I did a good job. How am I supposed to learn to cook under these conditions?

2) Now reread the above passage to help you complete the list of definitions below.

get _____________: to arrive in a place
get _____________: to finally start doing something
get _____________: to reach, get hold of
get _____________: to climb on to something
get _____________: to jump down, move down from someplace
get _____________: to leave from a place
get _____________: to reach into or enter something without permission
get _____________: to leave
get _____________: to finally begin (work) after much waiting
get it ____________: to quickly finish something which you don't want to do

Focus on Verbs

The following passage should be completed by putting the verb in parentheses in the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous.

Where's the waiter?

Robin: I think the waiter (forget) _____ us. We (wait) ____ here for over half an hour and nobody (take) __ our order yet.

Michele: I think you're right. He (walk) _____ by us at least twenty times. He probably thinks we (order, already) ________.

Robin: Look at that couple over there, they (be, only) ____ here for five or ten minutes and they already have their food.

Michele: He must realize we (order, not) ______ yet! We (sit) ____ here for over half an hour staring at him.

Robin: I don't know if he (notice, even) _____ us. He (run) _____ from table to table taking orders and serving food.

Michele: That's true, and he (look, not) ______ in our direction once.



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