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ТЕМА 6 «Сравните различные виды отелей».


The deluxe hotel is also called the 4-star hotel. These are exceptionally well-appointed hotels. A high standard of comforts and services is offered to the guests. A private bathroom or a shower with a lavatory are provided in all bedrooms. All bedrooms are fitted with a telephone, a colour TV-set, a radio. All deluxe hotels contain a variety of bars and restaurant. Offer private swimming-pools. The rooms are fitted with air-conditioning and mini-bars. Saunas and solariums are also provided. The deluxe hotels have excellent locations in beautiful neighbourhoods and convenient transportation means.


The expensive hotel is also called the 3-star hotel according to the European classification. These are well-appointed and very comfortable hotels. All rooms are fitted with a telephone, a radio a TV-set. Many expensive hotels offer private parking. In many expensive hotels dogs and other pets admitted. Bedrooms are fitted with air-conditioning which is a great advantage. Often bedrooms in resort or beach hotels are not fitted with TV-sets. Wake-up calls, room service, hair-dryers, porterage are offered. All expensive hotels have a got a restaurant and a bar. Hot tea in the morning and hot evening meals are always offered in the expensive hotels. The expensive hotels usually have a rather good location. Good transportation is also available.



The inexpensive hotel is also called the 1-star hotel according to the European classification. These are plain hotels and inns of small scale. Inexpensive hotels are modestly furnished. Bath and lavatory arrangements are offered, but they are not provided in every bedroom. Washbasins are provided in every bedroom. The inexpensive hotels have got a lounge area. There are no phones in bedrooms. Not every room is fitted with a radio and TV-set. Inexpensive hotels offer low prices. The inexpensive hotels are situated away from the city centre and far from convenient means of transportation.


The moderate hotel is also called 2-star hotel according to the European classification. These hotels offer a higher standard of accommodation than the inexpensive hotels. According to the standards only 20 per cent of bedrooms contain a private bathroom or a shower with a lavatory. TV-sets are provided in some bedrooms or there is a TV-set in a lounge. Wake-up calls are offered. The rooms are not air-conditioned which is a disadvantage for resort and beach hotels is not countries. Hot morning tea or hot breakfast is available. The moderate hotels are located at a distance from centres of activity.


The superdeluxe hotel is usually the luxury hotel. Such hotels are also known under the name of the 5-star hotels. These are exceptionally luxurious hotels. Perfectly appointed public rooms are provided lounges, banquet halls, conference rooms. The superdeluxe offer the greatest convenience, the best comfort and the widest service to their guests. All rooms include private bathrooms. All rooms are fitted with up-to-date equipment and amenities: room telephones, colour TV-sets, home videos, background music, mini-bars, full-length mirrors, excellent furniture. Swimming-pools, health clubs and fitting centres, saunas, solariums, beauty parlours, private parking, restaurants, bars. Limousine service is available, too.

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