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Today writing business letters has become a fine art, the embodies, the cross techniques public relations, and the graphic arts. Many organizations to handls business letters. To make your business letters effective in terms of todays business world, you should make use of four basic psychological techniques:

-write form the you attitude. A good letter should have a preponderance of yours and a minimum of Is.

- in your letter be positive. Even a letter that has tom say no can be written from a positive.

- make your letters smile. A business letter should have a pleasant impression. Get a smile into your letter, a bit of your personality.

-make your copy live. The reader should feel what you say. If possible, create a visual experience. Let the reader see himself doing something- running a machine, telling his friend about triumphs, etc.

Business letters consist of:

1. The letterhead

2. The reference line

3. The date

4. The inside address

5. The greeting

6. The body of the letter

7. The ending

8. The signature block

9. The attention line

10. The subject line

11. The enclosure

12. Cc natation


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There are more architecture of monument in Belarus: The National Library, Independence (Nezavisimosti) Avenue in Minsk, Religion Architecture, St Sophia's Cathedral in Polostk, St Boris and Gleb's Church in Grodno and Mir Castle.

Mir Castle is a unique monument of Belarusian architecture. It is located in the village of Mir in the Grodno region of Belarus. Constructions made in the Gothic style. This Belarusian castle was founded in the early 16th century by Prince Ilinich. Castle includes residence-fortress ramparts, park, garden, pond, tomb-chapel, house caretaker and chapel. After the war with Russia castle was destroyed. It was restored 80 years later. The castle appeared ceremonial hall, space for dancing and portrait gallery. Was restored and the garden. In 2000, Mir Castle was declared a UNESCO World Heritage.



The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the official name of the country which comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

THE TOWER OF LONDON was a fortress, a palace, a prison and the Kings Zoo. Now it is a museum. The oldest part of it is the White Tower. William the Conqueror built it in the 11 century. There are always black ravens in the Tower of London.

ST. PAULS CATHEDRAL is one greatest English churches. The famous English architect Sir Christopher Wren built it in the 17 century after the Great Fire. It looks him 35 years. The Cathedral is a beautiful building with many columns and towers.

BIG BEN is the large clock in one of the towers of the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is the name of the clock and the clock tower. The clock and the bell got their names after Sir Benjamin Hall. He was a tall man, whose nickname was Big Ben. So people know the clock as Big Ben.


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In Great Britain there are public holidays that are called bank holidays. Among these are eight holidays: New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day Holiday, Spring Bank Holiday, Late Summer (August) Bank Holiday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. New Years Eve (December 31st) is more special for Scottish people, who celebrate it with their families. They sit the Old Year out and the New Year in. Friday before Easter is called Good Friday. People usually make special buns which are marked with a cross on top. Easter Monday is the first Monday after Easter Day. May Day Bank Holiday is celebrated on the first Monday after May Day. People celebrate the coming of spring. Sometimes May poles are constructed with long coloured ribbons. Spring Bank Holiday is marked on the last Monday in May. August Bank Holiday is the last Monday in August. British people usually go on picnics on spring and summer bank holidays. The most popular bank holiday is Christmas Day. It is celebrated on December 25th. Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. Children usually hang long socks or stocks on their beds and hope that Father Christmas will put his presents into them. Christmas trees are set in the living-rooms and are decorated with toys by children. St. Valentines Day is celebrated on February 14th. On this day people send Valentine cards and get presents and valentines from their sweethearts.


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