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Make questions with who or what.

Part 1

Grammar: Question forms

Ask Joe questions. (Look at his answers before you write the questions.)


1. (where / live?)___ Where do you live?____ In Manchester.

2. (born there?) ________________________ No, I was born in London.

3. (married?) __________________________ Yes.

4. (how long / married?) _________________ 17 years.

5. (children?) __________________________ Yes, two boys.

6. (how old / they?) _____________________ 12 and 15.

7. (what / do?) _________________________ I’m a journalist.

8. (what / wife / do?) ____________________ She’s a doctor.


Make questions with who or what.

1. Somebody hit me. _______Who hit you? __________________

2. I hit somebody. _______Who did you hit?________________

3. Somebody paid the bill. Who_________________________________

4. Something happened. What ________________________________

5. Diane said something. _____________________________________

6. This book belongs to somebody. _____________________________________

7. Somebody lives in that house. _____________________________________

8. I fell over something. _____________________________________

9. Something fell on the floor. _____________________________________

10. This word means something. _____________________________________

11. I borrowed the money from somebody. _____________________________________

12. I’m worried about something. _____________________________________


Speaking: “Find someone who …”

Look at the phrases below. Copy them into your exercise-books and make questions out of them. When you finish, talk to your classmates, ask and answer the questions. Note down other students’ names and any extra information they give. Your task is to talk to as many people in the class as possible.

Find someone …

1. who thinks he’s/she’s a good cook. (Find out his or her “speciality”.)

2. who belongs to a club or a society. (Find out what sort of club or society it is.)

3. who collects something as a hobby. (Find out what.)

4. who reads a newspaper or magazine regularly. (Find out which one.)

5. who remembers his or her dreams. (Find out what a typical dream is about.)

6. who usually goes to bed late. (Find out what time.)

7. who has a pet. (Find out what sort and if it has a name.)

8. who watches satellite television. (Find out his or her favourite programme.)

9. who speaks more than two foreign languages. (Find out what they are.)

10. who likes reading books. (Find out his and her favourite author.)

11. who has a relative who lives abroad. (Find out in which country.)

12. who knows a famous person. (Find out who is it.)

13. who sends a lot of e-mails. (Find out who s/he sends them to.)

14. who plays a musical instrument. (Find out what.)



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