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Interesting facts about the umbrella

My favorite word is UMBRELLA

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Meaning of the word "Umbrella"


A) The umbrella is a folding and unfolding convex shield to protect from rain and sunlight;

B) The umbrella is a canopy over the entrance door.

The Romans’ folding umbrella was made ​​of leather and wooden spokes and was called "umbrakulum" (from “Umbra” – “Shadow").

Symbols of the word "Umbrella"


The umbrella symbolizes the solar disk and the wheel, and its spokes are the rays of the sun and are located around the 12 signs of the zodiac. Its handle is the world axis.



The parasol means dignity, protection and good luck.



The umbrella symbolizes the universal spiritual reign, royal dignity and protection.


The Mayas

The umbrella symbolized royal grandeur and rank. The umbrella was an attribute of Queen Mu.


The history of the word "Umbrella"


The umbrella’s homeland is China and Egypt.

It was invented in the 11th century B.C.

It was used by pharaohs, emperors and royal personages. The umbrella was 1,5 m in height and very heavy. It was 240 cm in diameter and 16 people could hide below it. The first umbrella was worn by women and then by special slaves - umbrella porters.

In 1637 the French king Louis 13. showed up with an umbrella of cloth impregnated with oil.

In 1850 Umbrella Revolution occurred. An Englishman Samuel Fox invented an umbrella of fabric with rubber and steel spokes.

In 1969 Brad Phillips received a patent for a folding umbrella in the United States.

Interesting facts about the umbrella

- In 1682 Prince Rupert indoors opened two large umbrellas that had been presented to him. Soon after that the prince died and the kingdom collapsed. Since then there is a superstition that opening an umbrella indoors leads to a great misfortune;

- In Canada post office employees use a screeching umbrella. It has a sound device for dogs repelling in its handle;

- An umbrella with a light at its top was invented in the USA. It helps to cross streets with no lighting;


- An unusual umbrella is developed in Korea. It has no fabric dome. This lack is compensated by a powerful air stream which pushes raindrops away.



Verse with the word “Umbrella”

Umbrellas are flowers,

Pink branches of trees,

Huge tropical forest,

Fragrant gloomy taiga.


The red one is Gladiolus.

The yonder green one is a spruce branch.

My white silk umbrella looks like

A chamomile field.


And we're living under the roof.

We came back into warmth from with the rain.

And our old wet umbrella

reminds of a huge lilac bush.

Floating Umbrellas Festival in Agueda

This year Floating Umbrellas Festival in Agueda City in Portugal was held for the third time. Umbrellas FLOATED over Portugal …..

Date: 2015-12-18; view: 1380

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