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Fill in the blanks with a suitable word from your active vocabulary. Translate the sentences into Russian.

Failure; consequently; dream n; fail; event (2); job (2); prefer (2); rest n; rest v; change v; changeable; jobless; heart; leave v; depend; believe; wish; uneventfully; dream v (2); discussion (2).

1. I won’t press you to go back there at all ______, just now but you must promise me to take a good ______ when your vacation begins this summer. 2. But I want you to remember one thing: if you get into trouble over this, if you die, you will break my ______. 3. ______ in answer to his letter Arthur received a check to cover his expenses and a cold permission to do as he ______ about his holidays. 4. When Arthur had ______ his wet socks and came down to breakfast he found the child seated on the Padre’s knee. 5. The roses hung their heads and ______ under the still September clouds and the water splashed and murmured softly among the pebbles of the shore. 6. The autumn and winter passed ______, following the usual routine. 7. When the lecture and the long ______ which followed it were finished, he went up to Gemma who was still sitting in the corner of the room. 8. Look here, we had better ______ this subject alone, you are always intolerant when you talk about Protestants. 9. The conversation soon drifted into a ______ of university regulations, a burning question of that day. 10. I can well ______ it; he is a man whom no one can ______ to admire, a most noble and beautiful nature. 11. He hadn’t bothered to take the ______ at the bank, because there was so much he had to do before the wedding that a new ______ would really be a problem. 12. But he didn’t want to tell Sarah what he thought about her husband, he ______ to keep silence on the matter. 13. Jane promised she would go home at the end of the afternoon, ______ and recover from the days excitement. 14. She finally understood that her marriage to Freddie was a ______; a source of endless grief and disappointment. 15. Peter and Jane planned to spend the weekend in Southampton for the big ______. 16. Though she was 25 already, she fully ______ on her father and mother. 17. For the last five-six months Freddie’s mood has become so ______ that Sarah didn’t know how to behave. 18. The greeting was over till the evening when the younger men returned from their labour on the farms and the ______ from their hunting for food. 19. “There is nothing the matter with me. The colonel will tell you so if you ask him”. “I ______ to form my own conclusions”, Montanelli answered quietly. 20. “Arthur, is it really you? I have ______ so often that you had come back to me; and then have woken and seen only the darkness. How can I know I shall not wake again and find it all a ______?”


9. Make up a dialogue to illustrate the difference between custom and habit. Study the example.


Ben: I can never make out which is a custom and which is a habit.

Mr. S.: You see, Ben, a habit is something that a person has been doing for a long time.

Ben: Then I always look up new English words in my dictionary. Can I say that’s a habit?

Mr. S.: Yes, it’s a good thing to make a habit of looking up words in a dictionary.

Ben: And what about a custom?

Mr. S.: Custom is something that belongs to a large number of people of the same group or religion: for example Christians or Moslems.

Ben: Oh, now I see.

Mr. S.: Well, it’s the custom of Moslems to fast during the month of Ramadan.

Ben: Is there any time when it’s the custom of Christians to fast?

Mr. S.: Of course, there is Lent. Fasting in Lent often means going without meat.

Ben: And when is Lent? Is it before Christmas?

Mr. S.: No, Lent is forty days before Easter.

10. Speak On:


1. Good habits, bad habits.

2. Customs of your country.

3. Customs and traditions observed by your family.

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