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Write a, the, or no article to complete these sentences.

1. Robert and Jessica went to ___ party last night.

2. Can you tell me how to get to ___ cinema from here?

3. ___ college is closed today.

4. Gregory is one of ___ strangest people I know.

5. I recommend you try ___ tomato soup at this restaurant.

6. ___ beer is good for you.

7. Would you like to see ___ film?

8. ___ apple a day keeps ___ doctor away.

9. I can't believe I failed ___ yesterday's test!

10. Do you have ___ dictionary that I can borrow?

11. This is ___ easy question.

12. Stephen could you speak ___ little louder.

13. May I have your ___ phone number?

14. I have never seen ___ UFO.

15. May I ask you ___ question?

16. Astrid is ___ best teacher in our school.

17. What is ___ name of the next station?

18. My girlfriend has ___ my car today.

19. I went to ___ sea during my summer holiday.

20. Is there ___ cash machine near here?

Write a, the, or no article to complete the sentences.

1 She's .a... journalist.

2 ..The.. moon moves slowly round the... earth.

3 sun is shining.

4 I'd like cup of coffee, please.

5 Have you got double room?

6 He gave me a lighter and some cigarettes but lighter didn't work.

7 There was doctor and nurse in the room nurse was sleeping.

8 She took sandwich and piece of cake, but didn't eat cake.

9 Yes, I work at this school. I'm teacher.

10 A man and two women were sitting in the car. 1 think man was Italian.

11 Did you see Pope when he came to England?

12 He offered me cigarette, but I refused.

13 Did you send me postcard when you were in Greece?

14 They had six cats and dog. I really liked dog.

15 Have you got match, please?

16 She sent me letter and card letter didn't arrive.

17 I had cup of tea and ice cream tea was terrible.

18 Have you met Sally? She's friend of mine.

8. Write the names of the places below in two columns, those with the and those without the:


River Seine





Solomon Islands

River Seme



Oxford Street


South China Sea



Rocky Mountains

St Lawrence River


People's Republic of Mongolia

Pacific Ocean


9. Insert the articles where necessary:


1. __ morning will be cold.

2. __ winter is the season between __ autumn and ___ spring.

3. It was __ cold winter morning.

4. He usually wakes up in __ morning at 8 o' clock.

5. It was the best thing to do on __ fresh morning.


Direct object and indirect object

In simple sentences the object is easy to see:

She hit him.

They took the money.

Some verbs, however, have two objects:

She gave me the book.( = she gave the book to me)

the book is the real object of this sentence. It tells us whatshe gave.This is the direct object (Direct object)

me is the indirect object (Indirect object)


verb + direct object + to or for + indirect object:


Give Buy D.O. the money a present to for   I.O. him. your mother.


a) Some common verbs Taking to: bring, give, lend, pay, promise, send,

Show, take, tell.

b) Some common verbs taking for: buy, find, get, make.

verb + indirect object without to or for + direct object:


Give Buy   I.O. him your mother D.O. the money. a present.


Note:that it is not possible to use the second form when the direct object is a pronoun

(me, her, him, it, etc]. The longer construction must be used:

Give it to John. (NOT Give John it.)


6. Rewrite these sentences without using to or for.

1 Give this food to your parents.

Give your parents this food.

2 Get an ashtray for me, please.

Get me an ashtray, please.

3 Have you sent a postcard to your family?

4 Did you pay the money to him?

5 Would you find a seat for my mother, please?

6 I'll get some money for you.

7 Did you tell the news to your parents?

8 I'm buying a ticket for Jenny, too.

9 Show your painting to Mr Anderson.

10 Would you take this note to your parents?


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