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Words and phrases to use in personal profile to describe capabilities.


- Results-driven, logical and methodical approach to achieving tasks and objectives; - Determined and decisive; uses initiative to develop effective solutions to problems; - Reliable and dependable - high personal standards and attention to detail; - Methodical and rigorous approach to achieving tasks and objectives; - Entrepreneurial and pro-active - strong drive and keen business mind; -Identifies and develops opportunities; innovates and makes things happen; - Good strategic appreciation and vision; able to build and implement sophisticated plans; - Determined and decisive; uses initiative to meet and resolve challenges; - Strives for quality and applies process and discipline towards optimizing performance; - Extremely reliable and dependable - analytical and questioning, strives for quality; - Methodical approach to planning and organizing - good time-manager; - Creative and entrepreneurial networker; - Effective project coordinator; - Reliable and dependable in meeting objectives - hard-working; - Emotionally mature; calming and positive temperament; tolerant and understanding; - Seeks and finds solutions to challenges - exceptionally positive attitude; - Great team-worker - adaptable and flexible; - Well-organized; good planner; - Seeks new responsibilities and uses initiative; self-sufficient; - Solid approach to achieving tasks and objectives; determined and decisive; - Excellent interpersonal skills - good communicator, high integrity; - Energetic and physically very fit; quick to respond to opportunities and problems; - Completer-finisher; checks and follows up - immaculate record-keeper; - Team-player - loyal and determined; - Technically competent/qualified [state discipline or area, to whatever standard or level]; - Task-oriented - commercially experienced and aware; - Excellent inter-personal and communications skills; - Sound planning and organizational capabilities; - Results oriented - focused on productive and high-yield activities; - Adaptable and flexible; well-organized planner and scheduler; - Reliable and dependable; - Decisive and results-driven; - Creative problem-solver; - Team-player; - Technically competent/qualified (state discipline or area);   - Excellent interpersonal skills - good communicator, leadership, high integrity; - Strong planning, organizing and monitoring abilities - an efficient time-manager; - Self-driven and self-reliant - sets aims and targets and leads by example; - Good interpersonal skills - works well with others, motivates and encourages; - High integrity, diligent and conscientious - reliable and dependable; - Self-aware - always seeking to learn and grow; - Seeks new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition; - Emotionally mature and confident - a calming influence; - Detailed and precise; fastidious and thorough; - Decisive and results-driven; - Creative problem-solver; - Good starter - enthusiastic in finding openings and opportunities; - Active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done; - Financially astute - conversant with accounting systems and principles; - Tactical, strategic and proactive - anticipates and takes initiative; - Systematic and logical - develops and uses effective processes; - Good listener - caring and compassionate; - Critical thinker - strong analytical skills; accurate and probing; - Good researcher - creative and methodical - probing and resourceful; - Facilitative project manager; develops and enables group buy-in; - Persistent and tenacious sales developer; comfortable with demanding targets; - Resilient and thorough - detached and unemotional; - Tolerant and understanding - especially good with young children/elderly people/needy people/disadvantaged people, etc; - Emotionally mature - calming and positive temperament - compassionate and caring; - Sensitive and patient interpersonal and communication skills; - High integrity and honesty; ethical and socially aware; - Energetic and positive outlook, which often inspires others; - Calm, reliable and dependable in meeting objectives - logical and numerate; - Seeks and finds good outcomes to challenges; - Seeks new responsibilities and uses initiative; self-sufficient; - Commercially experienced and aware; - Loyal and determined  



List 6.

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