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Explain the meaning of the following phrases used in the text. Make up your own examples with them

Chapter XIX

Give English definitions to the following words. Reproduce the situations where these words were used in the text.









a gull


to drown







the late (smb)






What synonyms of the following words are used in the text?

lean (of a person) or grim (of a building) p. 156

in extreme danger/ pain/ anxiety p. 157

close/ fix p. 157

eerie / bizarre / odd – 2 words pp. 156-157, 163

to explode/ fire p. 157

bewildered p. 159

unexpectedly p. 159

to tremble greatly p. 160 (what other similar expressions do you know?)

to assist / help p. 160

find useful p. 160

in addition to pp. 160, 162

to inform about smth p. 165

Explain the difference:

harbour – bay

Can the word “harbour” be used as a verb? Give examples.


Think about the following points:

· What is the meaning of the falling/ lifting fog in the story?

· Describe a change in Mrs. Danvers mood at the beginning of the chapter and provide an explanation for it.

· Describe the narrator’s physical and emotional state after the conversation with Mrs. Danvers

· Was the narrator disappointed or relived because Frank put aside the matters they had discussed on the phone?

· Why would the narrator rather stay on the beach with someone she did not know than go to lunch with Frank, her ally?

· What attracts people in catastrophes and accidents (e.g. the holiday-makes from our story)?

· What can you make of the narrator’s conversation with Ben? (p. 163)

· What difference occurred in the narrator when she returned to Manderley from the beach?

· What news did Captain Searle bring?

· Was the narrator the coward she thought herself to be?

· Why did Maxim think that they had lost their chance of happiness? Was he right?



Make up/ find your own examples with expressions:

“to turn on smb” (p. 96)

“to take to smb” (p.111)

“to harp on sth” (p. 113)

“to make sth out“ (p. 116)

“to turn up” (pp. 136, 141, 160)

“ to get round smb.” (p. 119)


Try and recollect:

different ways of seeing/ looking at smth that have been described in the text so far (e.g. what words mean to look for a long time etc.)

words describing madness/ normality

words describing trembling

words meaning “gloomy”



Chapters XX-XXI


Give English definitions to the following words. Reproduce the situations where these words were used in the text.


a jig-saw puzzle


to pace



a precipice

a leg-pull



to jeer at smb

a pageant


a murmur

a cunning

see through smb


turn over a new leaf






Present some new words from the text of your own choice

Explain the proverb:Time and Tide wait for no man

Explain the meaning of the following phrases used in the text. Make up your own examples with them

to take smb in

at the back of smb’s mind

to find smb out

show off

strike a chord

to go with a swing

a skeleton in the cupboard

to pull smb’s leg

Think about the following points:

What was the narrator’s reaction to Maxim’s confession? Compare it to your own.

What did Maxim mean by saying that women are not like men? (p. 169)

Do you support the narrator’s siding with Maxim?

What details increased Maxim’s anguish after he killed Rebecca?

What mistakes did the narrator and her husband make in their behavior to each other over the past four months?

Explain Maxim’s feelings towards Rebecca. Was he taken in by her beauty before they got married?

Describe Rebecca as you understand her, support your opinion by the evidence from the text.

Do you agree with Gran’s definition of a good wife? What makes a good wife in your opinion?

Why did Max accept Rebecca’s bargain?

What was wrong with Maxim’s love for Manderley? Did it pay?

What is the psychological mechanism of an addiction, described by Maxim?

What hints did the author give us about the true nature of Maxim’s first marriage? Were these hints revealing or misleading?

What does the author imply by saying there is a child in each of us?

Give your own interpretation of the last scene between Maxim and Rebecca. Why did her husband think she won? Did the narrator agree with him?

Did something change in the narrator after she listened to her husband’s story? What manifestations of that can we see in the text?


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