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Listen to two conversations and complete the summaries.

1. A woman is unhappy about her husband’s 1) _____ and she persuades him to 2) _____ . However, he insists on wearing 3) _____ this evening.

2. A man suggests to his wife that they 4) _____ He wants her to buy 5) _____ but she is not interested. In the end, she decides to 6) _____ with a friend.

2. Listen again and answer the questions:

Conversation 1

1. Why does the woman want her partner to look smart than evening?

2. How long has the man had his fleece?

3. What color does the man not like?

Conversation 2.

1. Why is the woman surprised by the man’s suggestion?

2. What has the woman seen in the shop window?

3. What does she not want to buy a skirt?



1. Look at two photos of Brad Pitt and listen to a man and a woman discussing them. Do you agree with the woman?

2. How does the woman express her opinion? Listen again and pay attention to the vocabulary and intonationshe uses. Make up similar dialogues discussing photos of celebrities.





Put the following characteristics in order of importance in determining how attractive a man is.

· above-average height

· attractive hair

· fashionable clothes

· interesting facial structure

· kind of intelligent eyes

· muscular physique

· tanned, healthy complexion

· warm smile


Now listen and mark the sentences as true or false. Correct the false ones.

1. In all societies women prefer men who are taller than them.

2. Women have similar tastes concerning men regardless of the culture.

3. There was a time when muscular legs were more important than chest or arms.

4. Nowadays tanned complexion suggests that a man is an uneducated farmworker.


3. Do you think it is important for a man to be handsome? Why/why not?



You are going to hear a radio announcement about two suspects. Listen and fill in the table below.

  suspect 1 suspect 2
height short  
build   skinny
complexion tanned  
hair thick,…grey  
eyes   slanting
nose   curved
lips thin  
special features, clothes walks with a limp  


Make a similar announcement about one of your group mates. Let the other students guess who the suspect is.




1. Before you listen, discuss in pairs the following topics:

· The different kinds of work that a model can do

· The best things about being a model

· The worst things about being a model

· Becoming a model

· The impressions that models have of themselves

· The attitude of other people towards models

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