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You are going to listen to a man talking about a football match. Listen and complete the questionnaire.

important people at a football match  
the supporters are over the moon  
the supporters are gutted  
the most important thing  
the football match  
the teams  
the score  
the pitch  
the controversial decision  
Fiona was in the net  
the refereeís decision  

Listen again and discuss the following questions.

1. What decision was made in the second half?

2. Why did the referee disallow the goal?

3. Why did the referee give a free kick?



Use the words in the box to complete the sentences.

lightweight fibreglass boards wetsuit windsurfing outdoor activity do tricks kitesurfing slalom

1. ______ is a race for people on skis or in canoes in which they have to follow a route that bends in and out between poles.

2. Contemporary surfers use ______ to catch waves of varying shapes and sizes as they roll in towards the beach.

3. ______ is a hybrid of sailing and surfing invented by sailor Jim Drake.

4. There are many different styles of windsurfing which include Ďfreestyleí, where windsurfers ______ .

5. All a surfer really needs is a surfboard, a _____ and a way of getting to the beach.

6. Windsurfing has become a hugely popular _____.

7. ______ suggests that kitesurfers are towed along by large kites, allowing them to pull-off incredible tricks in the air.



Listen to the article and discuss the following questions.

1. Why do people all over the world head for oceans, lakes, pools, rivers etc?

2. Is surfing an old sport?

3. Where do people go surfing?

4. What do contemporary surfers use?

5. What is the main attraction of surfing?

6. Who does surfing appeal to?

7. Does surfing have its own language?

8. When was windsurfing invented?

9. Is windsurfing a cross between surfing and sailing?

10. Is windsurfing an Olympic sport?

11. Are there many different styles of windsurfing?

12. Has kitesurfing been popular for many years?

13. What do kitesurfers do?

14. When was SCUBA diving invented?

15. What do SCUBA divers rave about?

16. Why is SCUBA diving dangerous?



You are going to hear a conversation about a martial art between Ian and Rika. They are both sales reps for a large publishing company. Ian is visiting Rika in Japan. Before you listen, answer the following questions.

1. Which martial arts do you know? Check their pronunciation in a dictionary.

2. Have you ever done any martial arts? Give a detailed account of your experience.

3. Have you ever entered any sports tournaments or competitions? How did you get on?

Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

1. Why is Rika famous?

2. Does she feel proud of her achievements in judo?

3. What skills does judo demand from the participants?

4. What made her start doing judo?

5. How often does she practice judo?

6. How did she hurt herself last year? Does she find it easy to start fighting again after her injury?

7. Why didnít Ian know about her hobby?


Listen again and put down the expressions Ian uses to express his disbelieve or surprise.

4. Pay attention to colloquial words and expressions used in the conversation. What do they mean?

A guy; how come; itís not a big deal; if you donít mind my saying that; kids, bigheaded, there you go, a big thing.


5. Do you think martial arts can help those who are bullied by their peers?



1. You are going to hear the man sharing his impressions of hang-gliding. Listen and answer the questions:

1. What were Danielís general impressions of hang-gliding?

2. Did he have to do a lot of training before he started going up?

3. Who assists inexperienced athletes? How?

4. Did Daniel feel any fear while going up?

5. What were his emotions once he went up?

6. How did the landing go?

7. Does Daniel find hang-gliding addictive?

2. Why do you think sports like this can be addictive?

3. Have you ever tried any risky sports? Give a detailed account of you experience.




1. You are going to listen to the man talking about the Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2006. What do you know about Wimbledon?

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