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Listen to the story. Then check the best headline.


Before you listen again, read the sentences below. Then listen and number them in the order the events happened.

1. The message told the passengers they were going to land on water.

2. The passengers heard a taped message.

3. A plane took off in Portugal.

4. A flight attendant then explained that it was a false alarm.

5. The cabin crew rushed into the aisles.

6. It told them to get their lifejackets.

7. The plane started to cross the English Channel.


Listen to the story again and answer the following questions.

1. How long did the passengers prepare for a crash landing?

2. When did the false alarm happen?

3. Where was the flight going?

4. How many passengers were there on the plane?

5. What was the flight number?

6. How many message tapes were there?



Below are four groups of words each describing a class of geographical features. Circle one word in each group which does not fit with the others and explain why it does not fit.

ˇ confluence tributary oasis estuary

ˇ glacier landslide subsidence avalanche

ˇ valley gorge ravine cliff

ˇ ridge pass summit peak


2. You are going to hear someone on the radio describing their journey along the Karakoram Highway in the north-west Pakistan. As you listen follow the route on the map below and at each place the speaker stops off at, note down what is happening and/or what can be seen.


1. ______________________________________________________________.

2. ______________________________________________________________.

3. ______________________________________________________________.

4. ______________________________________________________________.

5. ______________________________________________________________.

6. ______________________________________________________________.

7. ______________________________________________________________.


You and a friend have heard this programme (and may already know something about the Himalayas) and are thinking of taking a holiday in this area. Discuss the advantages and possible drawbacks of such a holiday. Below are some points to consider.

ˇ accommodation

ˇ possible risks/dangers to health

ˇ getting there

ˇ the language

ˇ food/shops

ˇ what to take with you



You are going to listen to a travel agent explaining accommodation possibilities to a man and woman. Study the list of tourist accommodation possibilities and discuss the meanings of the word-combinations below.

self­catering accommodation

accommodation with meals provided serviced accommodation

country hotel

farm accommodation

guest house


country cottage

restored farmhouse




campsite (a caravan / tent)


camping barn


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