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Listen to the story. Answer the following questions according to the listening.

1. How old is Masami Kono?

2. What is Masami Kono?

3. Where did he start his trip?

4. How many kilometers did he cycle?

5. How many continents did he cross?

6. What was his final destination?

7. Did he set up a new Japanese bicycle trip record?

8. How much longer was his trip than the previous Japanese record?

9. Did he spend all his savings during his trip?

10. How much money did he save for his trip?

11. How long did it take him to complete his trip?

12. Does he want to go on another long trip?



1. You are going to hear a story about going to work. Look at the pictures. Why do you think the man is being interviewed?


Match the words and their definitions.

cost of living an organized event in which people try to win a prize by being the best, fastest, etc.
commuter a holiday, especially when you are travelling away from home for pleasure
competition the average amount of money people pay for food, clothing, housing, etc.
vacation someone who travels to and from work or school every day

Listen to the story. Answer the following questions according to the listening.

1. What competition has Barry Haddow just won?

2. Why did he win the competition?

3. Was the competition organized by a TV program?

4. How far does he travel every day?

5. How long does it take him to get to work?

6. Does he travel most of the way by taxi?

7. How does he save time?

8. Why does he live in Wales?

9. Why doesn’t he want to live in London?

10. What prize did Barry Haddow win?



1. You are going to hear a story about something that happened on a plane. Look at the picture. What do you think happened?

Match the words and their definitions.

false alarm something dangerous or serious, such as an accident, which happens fast or unexpectedly
aisle a person who is travelling on a vehicle
flight attendant a dangerous arrival on the ground of an aircraft or boat
passenger someone who looks after passengers on a plane
crash landing a warning that something dangerous is going to happen, but it doesn’t
emergency a long narrow passage between rows of seats

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Work in pairs. Before you listen guess the meanings of the following word-combinations. Discuss your ideas in class. | Listen to the story. Then check the best headline.
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