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  1. When the Panama Canal opened, it changed the trade routes of the world and dramatically increased international trade. What other technological developments have had a great impact on international travel, communication, and trade?


  1. Why are both the Panama and the Suez Canal considered strategic waterways? For which countries and for what reasons are they strategic?


  1. Compare the dimensions of the Panama Canal (including the dimensions of the locks) with those of the Suez Canal. (You can find this information in the Internet).

8.3 For more practice use the video Viking First Views of Mars. Check your understanding answering the following questions:

  • How many space ships to Mars were launched in 1975?
  • What were they launched for?
  • What moments are unforgettable for Gentry Lee?
  • Was Viking the first to give humanity the possibility to see the real surface of the planet?
  • How long did Viking work?
  • Were the goals of the mission attained?
  • What were the main achievements of further expeditions?


Unit 9. History of the Nobel Prize

9.1 Listen to the student presentation. Then answer the questions.



DNA deoxyribonucleic acid

double helix of DNA structure


1. Why did Alfred Nobel establish the Nobel Prizes?

2. Which of the statements is not true?

a. Many winners dont keep the prize money.

b. Candidates usually know theyve been nominated.

c. The prize given in the field of economics is not really a Nobel Prize.

3. When and where was A. Nobel born?

4. What else is he famous for?

5. How many candidates for an award are usually nominated?

6. What disciplines are awards given in?

7. When and does the ceremony take place?

8. Who was among the 1st Noble Prize winners?

9. Why do some people believe that Rosalind Franklins name should have been added to those of Watson, Crick, and Wilkins for the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine?

a. She cannot receive the award posthumously.

b. Without looking at her work, Watson, Crick, and Wilkins would not have

discovered the structure of the DNA double helix.

c. She alone was responsible for identifying the DNA double helix.

10. Can you give the names of the Nobel Prize winners in different fields?

11. What do you know about Ig Noble Prize?


Speakers will often restate what they just said in different words in order to explain what they mean. When they restate something using different words, it helps to make the meaning clearer for their listeners. Here are some expressions that show that a speaker is going to say something again in a new way.


That is, What I mean is
In other words, What Im trying to say is


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Multiple-choice Questions | Listen and read an extract from the presentation. Write the expressions that the speakers use to restate what they have said in a new way.
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